Top SEO Consultant And Best Selling Author Sam Adodra Announces Release Of Book

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In a field where results are at the forefront, digital marketing consultant, Sam Adodra, has received critical acclaim for his book “SEO Expert Strategies”. Recently, the author announced the release of an updated version of the book, adding new tips and methods for 2015.

Experts agree, in our current age the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be the difference between a business’s failure and breakthrough success.

Keeping up to date on SEO strategies is critical and this is why digital marketing consultant, Sam Adodra, has recently announced the release of an updated version of his Amazon best seller “SEO Expert Strategies”.

The updates provide the latest changes that an SEO expert needs to be aware of to continue performing optimally in their business.

Formerly only available as a Kindle release, a paperback version is now also available. An audio version accompaniment is also available.

“SEO Expert Strategies has taught my students and my clients how to get targeted traffic to their website, resulting in better exposure, credibility and positioning in the market place” commented Mr. Adodra, who runs a digital marketing consultancy at

According to Mr. Adodra, the focus of the book is to show readers proven ways to improve their website rank. By increasing the visibility of their website in the search engines leads, the owner will benefit from an increase in targeted traffic.

The book also provides useful information on how to identify what causes a website to fall into an algorithmic penalty, which is the most common cause for a website to suddenly lose its rankings, and provides steps on how to initiate the recovery process.

Reader feedback about “SEO Expert Strategies” continues to be passionate.

Chandler Bolt, author of the best selling book “The Productive Person” recently said, “I don’t exactly consider myself to be ‘tech savvy’ and SEO was pretty confusing to me. It was very refreshing to see SEO simplified in a way that even I could understand. I love how the author focused not on fluff but on stuff that actually works.”

SEO Expert Strategies is available in both digital and paperback format from Amazon.

Sam Adodra regularly publishes information on his SEO blog at

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