Top Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery Center Led By Surgeon Dr Hyun Suh Opened

North America’s leading Thyroid Surgery Center has established the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center in Tampa Florida, to provide the best robotic thyroid surgery for scarless removal of thyroid cancers, thyroid goiters, and thyroid nodules.

The Clayman Thyroid Cancer Center, the highest volume thyroid surgery center in the US, has opened a new division of robotic scarless thyroid surgery in Tampa Florida, called the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center.

For more information on the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center visit: Suh Scarless Thyroid Center.

The Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center is headed by Dr Hyun Suh who was recruited from his academic position as Chief of Endocrine and Robotic Scarless Thyroid Surgery at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York. Thyroid surgery is notorious for leaving scars on the neck that many people, especially women, are concerned about. Robotic thyroid surgery leaves no neck scar whatsoever since the small incisions for the robot arms are typically placed in the armpits.

“The operating robot allows me to remove one half or even the entire thyroid without any kind of neck scar.” said Dr Suh. “The small incisions in the armpits and side of the breast allow thyroid nodules, thyroid goiters and even thyroid cancers to be removed without making a neck scar.

“Almost any thyroid operation can now be done with a robot that completely avoids a neck scar. Scarless thyroid surgery is a fantastic option for any person that is concerned about the large scar that can occur following thyroid surgery.”

In this video Dr Suh describes the reasons behind the need for robotic thyroid surgery and how the procedure works: Robotic Thyroid Surgery Video.

Dr Suh studied at Johns Hopkins University, and then trained in thyroid surgery at Mass General / Harvard Medical School prior to living in Korea for 6 months to train in robotic thyroid surgery, where the operation was originally invented. He further developed these robotic thyroid techniques at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York before joining Dr Clayman’s high-volume thyroid surgery center in Tampa.

Dr Suh performs up to 5 scarless robotic thyroid operations per day, in what is now America’s highest volume robotic thyroid center. Patients travel from all 50 states and many foreign countries around the globe to have their thyroid removed by Dr Suh at his center in Tampa.

“Customized thyroid surgical care can now be offered for every patient” said Dr Gary Clayman, who was the Chief of Thyroid Surgery and the Chair of Head and Neck Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center prior to opening the Clayman Thyroid Center in Tampa in 2016.

“Having the most experienced and highest-volume robotic thyroid surgeon available to our patients is an asset that does not exist anywhere else. Watching Dr Suh perform robotic thyroid surgery is nothing short of amazing.” Dr Clayman added.

Dr Suh works very closely and collaboratively with the three other world’s best programs in endocrine tumor disease and surgery: the Clayman Thyroid Cancer Center, the Norman Parathyroid Center and the Carling Adrenal Center. The result of this collaboration being that the four leading endocrine surgeons in the world for robotic thyroid, thyroid cancer, parathyroid, and adrenal surgery joined together at the Medical Center of Trinity Hospital in Tampa to provide the most advanced and highest quality endocrine surgery available.

It has long been known that the best surgical outcomes are achieved by high-volume specialty surgeons. The only way to achieve very high initial and long-term success rates for thyroid surgery is to have a surgeon who has done the operation hundreds of times — performing scarless thyroid surgery multiple times per week, not several per year.

The surgeons at the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center take great pride not only in being the most knowledgeable and technically most skillful scarless thyroid surgeons in the world, but also having great bedside manners, treating each patient as family.

The Clayman Thyroid Center is the first interdisciplinary institute dedicated solely to the evaluation and surgical management of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer and is the highest volume thyroid surgery center in the US. Dr Suh serves as Robotic Surgeon-in-Chief of the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center and his profile is included here: Dr Hyun Suh.

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