Top Quality Skin Care and Laser Hair Removal from Ruba Bar Laser

Ruba Bar Laser & Skin care is helping locals in Vancouver, British Columbia with many health and cosmetic needs thanks to their stellar services and free consultations.

Vancouver, BC – Finding a clinic for laser hair removal can be difficult no matter the location. In Vancouver, there is no need to look any farther than Ruba Bar Laser & Skin Care. Their wide variety of services appeals to clients of all kinds, and customers can be certain that they are receiving the best laser hair removal Vancouver has to offer. Other services, such as their acne laser treatment, are among the highest quality care possible.

Some of their services, aside from laser hair removal, include a nail fungus treatment, scar reduction, wart removal, facial peeling, and IPL (or intense pulsed light) skin rejuvenation treatments. For nearly all of their laser treatments, they use Cutera Lasers and a process called Laser Genesis for skin care treatments. Cutera Lasers are designed to minimize any potential discomfort and are among the most popular and professional Vancouver laser skin care technologies around. The Laser Genesis process promotes collagen regrowth for skin-smoothing results. While all skin treatments come with some risk of side effects, Ruba Bar Laser works to minimize any potential pain or discomfort before, during, and after their treatments.

If anyone is unsure about what sort of treatment they may need, Ruba Bar Laser offers free consultations for their clients. Due to the nature of laser procedures, often clients will need multiple treatments (usually between four and eight, depending on the procedure) in order to get the best results. However, all of this information would be provided in the free consultation appointment offered by Ruba Bar.

Ruba Bar Laser desires the best results for their clients, and takes great care to ensure comfort and safety for their procedures. Their Advanced Contact Cooling System protects the outer skin during laser hair removal treatments to buffer the heat that creates the “pinch” sensation often associated with laser treatments. They also offer a variety of skin care products to soothe and protect the treated areas after the procedures, and even some make up products.

Ruba Bar Laser promotes some of the most competitive prices in Vancouver for what can often be a very expensive procedure. The most expensive hair removal treatments – such as the neck, lower legs, the full face, and others – are priced at around $169. However, when there is a sale, prices for these same areas can be significantly lower. For more information, visit our laser hair removal & skin rejuvenation clinic in Vancouver.

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