Top QC Announces Free Brain Injury Solicitors Selection Service

Bill Braithwaite QC, renowned severe brain and spinal cord injury compensation lawyer with over 25 years experience in this field, announces a free How To Choose The Right Brain Injury Solicitor Service. Selecting the wrong solicitor for your claim, can cost you literally £millions.

Bill Braithwaite QC, renowned specialist brain injury compensation barrister and author, today announces a free How To Select an Expert Brain Injury Solicitor Service, so that victims and families of catastrophically brain or spinal cord damaged accidents arising from negligence, hire the right brain injury solicitor to fully support and maximise their claim.

With the plethora of “No Win No Fee” solicitors these days, often employing slick TV and Radio advertising, the job of identifying truly expert specialist- appropriate lawyers is of paramount importance. Poor quality legal advice can cost literally £millions in lost compensation payouts.

Braithwaite, a renowned brain injury legal guru says: “Identifying genuinely suitable severe brain or spinal cord damage solicitors can be a challenge these days, as so many personal injury solicitors claim to “do” all types of compensation claims with respect to personal injury.

“However, it is vital that victims and their families only retain the services of a brain injury solicitor with an established and proven track record. With over 25 years experience in this field, I know the good ones, and the ones I would not feel comfortable recommending. I am passionate about what I do, and my service is free. I invite anyone looking for a first class brain injury solicitor to contact me.

The importance of obtaining the right solicitor for severe head and spine damage personal injury cases cannot be over-stated. S/he runs and manages the entire case, including the drafting of legal letters, the scheduling of meetings and court interactions and filings, and the dotting of the legal I’s and crossing the legal T’s so that the claim runs smoothly.

Braithwaite says: “The right solicitor will be able to harness their previous severe brain and spinal cord case experience, to not only support the efficient running of the legal team (comprised of solicitor, a barrister and the lead QC) as a whole, but also to establish the strong foundation to support the maximum compensation outcome for the claimant.

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