Top Party Hire Firm Reveals How Conventional Slushies Can Be A Disadvantage

ABC Party Hire has defied convention in the Party Equipment Rental Business market with the release of Slushie Machine Hire. Further information can be found at and

ABC Party Hire today reflected on its release of its Slushie Machines 3 years ago, which was in development for 1 year and 3 months. The main aim was always to save time and allow party celebrants to be part of their own events or parties, enjoying with their guests, rather than trying to manage the party itself… and by defying convention, these slushie machines did so, with a difference.

Warrick Balcome, Head of Marketing at ABC Party Hire, says: “The company wanted to try something new with the slushie machines. Anyone familiar with the party equipment rental business market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to offer a double bowl slushie machine at the very most. The company felt this was a problem because party guests are only limited to 2 flavours to start with, plus a double bowl slush machine would require constant supervision as compared to the triple bowl slushie machine.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air this time, ABC Party Hire’s slushie machine offered better tasting slushy flavours that freezes at a record time with less supervision required. ABC Party Hire chose to make this move because the company believes people should spend their party time doing just that, partying with their guests and enjoying the event, that is. Rather than getting stuck trying to run the party equipment or the whole party event itself.

Warrick Balcome also said “The company wants to give the customers a way to make parties more fun. With a hired slushie machine, not only will this allow clients to save but customers also have a fresh new possibility of scaling up their parties from the money they have saved. ABC Party Hire wants its clients to feel like things are going to be better than ok when hiring out slushie machines. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk the company believes is worth taking.”

ABC Party Hire has been in business since 2012, being established in December 7 of that same year. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to create the tastiest slushie flavours, Australiawide.

This isn’t the first time ABC Party Hire has defied convention either. In November 2014 they caused a stir when they’ve packaged the slushie machines with other party equipment like the karaokes and jumping castles at such a low cost not one of their competitors could match.

ABC Party’s slushie machines are now available to hire by going to their website or calling them to book the slushies. To find out more, just visit…

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