Top Organic Shea and Cocoa Butter Brand Reveals Overlooked Consumer Safety Tips

Perfect Body Harmony's full report "Top 3 Overlooked Safety Considerations for Buying Raw Shea Nut and Cocoa Butters Online" offers value to online buyers of raw shea nut and cocoa body butters by helping them understand how to determine which brand is safe to buy.

Perfect Body Harmony™, a popular online seller of natural and organic skin and personal care products is announcing the publishing of their list of “Top 3 Overlooked Safety Considerations for Buying Raw Shea Nut and Cocoa Butters Online!” Jana Cobb, President and Co-Founder says that “the information contains important product safety facts that all online buyers should be aware of before ordering body butters online and is intended to bring a greater level of awareness of the dangers of buying from unscrupulous brands.” She said the company felt that getting this information into the consumers’ hands was critical now that tens of thousands of people in the USA have discovered shea nut and cocoa butter and both have become popular items being purchased online for use on skin and hair directly and as ingredients in DIY homemade lotions, creams, deodorants, etc.” She reports that “raw unrefined shea nut butter is a secret that has been used for centuries by the people of Africa as a natural skin and hair moisturizer and is also used there for conditions like eczema, acne, stretch marks, etc. It’s non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) and made from the African shea nut from the karite tree. Likewise, cocoa butter has many similar properties and many people use it directly on their skin with wonderful benefits.”

Cobb went on to say “we realized that some buyers do not know that there are some safety considerations they should be aware of when selecting their source or brand. These revolve around the shea nut or cocoa butter itself and where and how it is packaged. There are many new sellers popping up on the top online marketplaces and buyers need to be wary of just how these products are being produced.”

She said that Perfect Body Harmony’s “Top 3 Overlooked Safety Considerations for When Buying Raw Shea Nut and Cocoa Butters Online!” covers the 3 following critical topics:

1. Since raw shea nut butter is made in Africa and cocoa butter is made in Africa and South America it is important to make sure the products themselves are safe. One easy way to do this is to only buy certified organic butters. Certified organic means there is documentation from the original source all the way through the packaging process proving that the product is really organic. The full report tells how to know sure that an item is really organic.

2. Buy raw shea nut and cocoa butters from legitimate sources that use FDA registered facilities to package the shea nut or cocoa butters. The full report tells what to look for to know how to know if these facilities are used.

3. Check to Make sure the s the seller or brand is following basic FDA guidelines for labeling. There are specific guidelines for what information should be included and where. The full report tells what to look for on product labels.

Cobb says there are some easy tricks for weeding out the unscrupulous sellers and brands and once someone knows how they can do it with hardly any effort at all.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to learn all of the full details of these safety tips can find them on Perfect Body Harmony’s website. Press release links do not last forever but if it is still active it can be found at this link:…

Another labeling issue commonly found is that many of the shea nut butters sold in jars are short weighted. For example, Cobb said that when her company selected their first container, the jar was to be used to sell a 16.0 oz portion to match what other brands were offering. But, when they tried to fit the sixteen (16) ounces of shea butter into the standard 16.0 ounce jar it would not fit without spilling over. They then checked other brands’ products by ordering the jars selling online and found that many of these “16.0 oz jars” really only contained 14.5 ounces of product. Cobb said that his how Perfect Body Harmony™ began using a 19.0 ounce jar with a label that says 17.5 ounces – “because that is how much really fits” she said.

Cobb says there are also other considerations for selecting the perfect organic shea butter such as whether the butter is super filtered, smooth and not grainy. She says that Perfect Body Harmony™ has a secret process that makes their shea butter silky smooth but she declined to reveal that secret.

Perfect Body Harmony’s full product line including certified organic body butter products can be found on their website at:

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Perfect Body Harmony™ has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They get feedback via their customers in product reviews, emails and from Facebook and this lets them know what is on their customers’ minds.

Having been in business now for over three years, Perfect Body Harmony™ strives to offer the highest quality and safest natural and organic skin care products that help their customer achieve the results they are looking for in a safe and secure manner in the natural, organic and botanical skin care solutions market. This dedication has quickly made them known among customers as the natural and organic skin care brand that cares about their customers and believes in real customer service. Their customer service department is even named the “‘Customer Happiness Team!”

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