Top New Credit Cards Identifies Four Must Have Rewards Cards For 2014 Holiday Shopping

Review of the top rewards and points based credit cards for shoppers to use during the 2014 holiday season.

The editorial team from released their top holiday rewards card list this week in anticipation of the 2014 holiday shopping season which will soon be in full effect. The editorial team reviewed dozens of rewards and points credit cards with a goal of identifying the top four cards on the market that will help consumers during the holiday season who are searching for rewards, points, cash back or perks based credit card offers.   “There are simply to many choices out there on the market today, and many of the best offers are not highly publicized, we aim to inform our readers about the best choices on the market this holiday season when it comes to selecting a credit card for holiday shopping needs” proclaimed Steven Moore, the spokesman for the credit card comparison site.

In choosing the top four offers for the 2014 holiday’s, the editorial team makes sure that every credit card is reviewed thoroughly. Choosing the right rewards credit card could mean extra cash back, sign up bonus points and free travel vouchers.   One important factor is understanding that every card user will have a different set of goals and credit qualifications. The list also identifies the minimum credit score range needed to apply for the specific credit card mentioned so that  are readers are not let down by applying for a credit card they would not qualify for due to credit worthiness or other credit scoring factors. stated that in compiling this list that they wanted to provide their readers with credit card options that extend their usefulness well beyond the holiday season. People shop all year round and in today’s economy and people need the latest and most complete information available to make an informed decision on the best available credit card for their needs and life style. “With millions of Americans using credit cards to this holiday season, we wanted to provide our readership with the best of the best offers for all of their credit needs this holiday season” according to Mr Moore. 

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