Top Maryland MedSpas Merge to Become Largest MedSpa in Area

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Maryland Plastic Surgery has acquired Effective MedSpa through a business merger, now making it the largest medspa in the entire maryland region.

One of the biggest Plastic Surgery and Medical Spas in Maryland has confirmed that they will have another top tier medical spa within the region merge with them. Maryland Plastic Surgery and Pure MedSpa has recently announced the merger with Effective MedSpa making Maryland Plastic Surgery and Pure MedSpa the largest medspa in the Maryland area. As of July 1, 2017, Effective Medspa will be operating as PURE MedSpa at Maryland Plastic Surgery under the direction of award-winning Dr. Adam Summers. In their announcement, they have stated that the merger between the two great businesses is going to expand services available. Some of the new services they offer are laser chemical peel, laser facelift, laser body lift, liquid facelift and cellulite treatment.

All services from Effective Medspa will now be provided at Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center located at 7704 Quarterfield Road, Suite E., Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061. They have also stated that the staff which the clients and customers of Effective Medspa have been familiar with are still on deck to assist with their client’s aesthetic goals.

During the announcement a representative of Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center ensured patrons of Effective MedSpa that the staff they are acustomed to will still be there. They said; “And don’t worry…the staff that you know and love (Halley and Emily), will continue to help you achieve your aesthetic goals at our new location!”

In their announcement, it is stated that the Merger does not mean that Effective MedSpa is closing. The larger facility in PURE Medspa at Maryland Plastic Surgery allows them to be able to expand their set of services. As an example of their expanded services, if a client has had Vanquish body contouring and would like to achieve even greater fat reduction, the clients are going to enjoy a 50% credit towards their next procedure for permanent fat removal with radiofrequency, ultrasonic or laser liposuction.

“We have had an incredible 2½ years in Gambrills, having achieved recognition as the leading med spa in Anne Arundel, from you, our customers! Special thanks to you, our loyal clients, for embracing us as a new business, inspiring us, and trusting in us to provide your beauty and wellness services. As we embark on this exciting journey of expansion, we know you will absolutely love getting expanded services at our new location as the PURE MedSpa!” said the representative from Effective MedSpa.

After the merger was official Dr. Adam Summers said; “I’m excited to announce that Maryland Plastic Surgery and PURE MedSpa has merged with Effective MedSpa. With this merger, we are proud to be the most popular Cosmetic Surgery Center and MedSpa in the region.”

To show appreciation to the love and support, Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center is offering 50% credit towards fractional laser resurfacing treatments for those who would like even smoother skin than ever before achieved with chemical peels. For more information about the merger and inquiries about the expanded services, please can visit their website at or call their office directly at (410) 553-9444.

About Dr. Adam Summers

Dr. Summers is an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, nationally recognized as the developer of the One Hour Facelift. He is a leading expert in Botox and fillers, and one of the few plastic surgeons in the country participating in FDA clinical trials for cosmetic procedures. He graduated with Honors and Distinction in Research from St. Louis University School of Medicine.

About Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center

Maryland Plastic Surgery is under the direction of one of the region’s leading board certified Plastic Surgeons Dr. Adam Summers. Maryland Plastic Surgery is Maryland’s first Medical Spa and the region’s first fully integrated Cosmetic Surgery Center, Medical Spa, Laser Center, Dermatology Clinic and Ambulatory Surgery Center. They provide a full complement of treatment options, including highly effective medically supervised skin care products, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, laser therapy, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic cosmetic surgery, anti-aging treatments and major cosmetic surgery all under one roof.

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