Top Immanuel Prayer Wheel To Create The Largest Christian Prayer Platform Online

The Christian community from around the world can join this sacred online site to pray for the return of Lord Jesus Christ to save a troubled earth, and pray for individual needs for today.

March 20, 2018: Immanuel Prayer Wheel has proudly announced that it is opening new prayer groups online praying for the return of Jesus Christ. In addition, the servants of Jesus are also inviting people to come and join existing prayer groups or request to host new groups. The primary emphasis in the prayers taking place at these new groups is to encourage praying collectively for the return of Jesus Christ because his return is the ultimate answer to the world’s many problems today.

“Please join the site today and participate in a host of activities like leaving prayer requests and joining with others needing prayer and sharing your prayer events along with several other related Christian topics of interest.” Said Guy Te Watson, the host of this online Sacred Platform. “We are also inviting you to gather together online with brothers and sisters of like mind in prayer and fasting for our Lord’s kingdom to come in our lives and to this earth. With all that is going on in the world today it is time for the assembly of God’s people to say Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.” He added.

The return of Jesus is imminent, and he will ultimately return to save mankind. However, the world cannot afford more bloodshed, violence, pain and sufferings. Therefore, these online prayer warrior assemblies are started to use the power of groups with many people in them to make special prayers and requests for the second coming of Jesus, and the every day needs of people now that abound..

Jesus said, “… My house shall be called the house of prayer …” in Matthew Chapter 21:13, so prayers are the most important cornerstone of Christianity, and are also critically important for success in every day life.

In addition, these help in prayer warriors groups (HIP warrior groups) will not only be directed at pleading for Jesus to return but will also be used by members to pray for other members and/or fellow Christian community members from around the world. Anything can be achieved in life through Christ centered prayers and stronger or more focused prayers can help everyone achieve their God given goals faster and advance the kingdom of God.

The entire Christian community awaits the return of the Messiah and Savior Jesus Christ, but not all regularly pray as the Lord commanded in the Lord’s Prayer for his people to pray, “… Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven ….” Ultimately this part of the Lord’s Prayer will happen when Jesus the Christ, Yeshua/Yehoshua Ha’Mashiach (in the Hebrew language) returns.

This online platform is therefore an opportunity for every Christian in any part of the world to join this community and make praying for the return of Jesus Christ and their individual needs until he comes back more powerful than ever.

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