Top Huntsville Chiropractic Care: Healing Chron’s, Increasing Athletes Strength

Top Huntsville Chiropractor, Dr. James Olszewski, educating the community and athletes on the importance and effects proper spinal alignment. Following corrective alignment found to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments besides back and neck pain but also migraines, ear infections, and blood pressure.

According to Dr. James Olszewski, the top Chiropractor Huntsville, founder of Rocket City Chiropractic many symptoms of “no known cause” diseases have been alleviated with spinal adjustments. From a study of Crohn’s disease patients as noted in Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research found that 70.5% patients receiving spinal adjustments achieved healing and excellent results. The adjusted patients showed long-term and stable remission of their symptoms with the majority experiencing an alleviation effect. They discovered that vertebral subluxation is a common characteristic found in patients with Crohn’s disease and allergies. However, receiving regular adjustments realigned the spine opening up natural healing of nerves and increased flow/communication to vital organs.

Top Chiropractors like Dr. Olszewski in Huntsville, have continued to prove spinal adjustments provide relief of many “no known cause” diseases that originate from pinching and pressure on nerves. There are a wide range of symptoms evidence has found remedied such as, heart problems, sciatica, joint swelling, headaches, migraines, colic, hearing problems, ear infections, acid reflex, blood pressure, and scoliosis. Even the more commonly known lower back pain and neck pain has been confirmed as relieved as well.

Rocket City Chiropractic takes great care in educating patients and the community through screenings, dinners, workshops, and similar events for Huntsville, Alabama. Educating the community about overall health and even many overlooked aspects of chiropractic aid and how it benefits athletes and their performance. Studies continue to prove how regular adjustments naturally increase energy levels; reduces inflammatory cytokines; enhancing pulmonary function; decreasing mental and oxidative stress and relieves muscle tension.

Athletes and individuals who want to prolong their sports career or just continue to enjoy their favorite activity have found they can prevent sports injuries through regular chiropractic adjustments. The National Football League has thirty-two teams that offer players and staff chiropractic care for the prevention and management of sports injuries. Jerry Rice, NFL champion is just one of numerous pro athletes that realized how chiropractic care benefits career longevity. Even Professional Golfers such as Phil Mickleson believed regular chiropractic adjustments enhanced his performance. Spinal realignment has been found to improve an athlete’s flexibility and range of motion. Routine chiropractic adjustments are profitable in the treatment of repetitive stress injuries, supporting reduction in severity of sport related injuries, the magnitude of the related discomfort of the injury along with increased speed in recovery times.

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