Top Hospital Organizational Specialist Helps Hospitals Enjoy a Productive 2020

Top hospital organizational specialist, Brady & Associates is committed to helping hospitals increase their labor productivity and maximize their organizational effectiveness in 2020 and beyond.

As one of the nation’s premier hospital consultants, Brady & Associates is helping hospitals to make an organized start to the new year, improving their performance, labor productivity, and efficiency across their various departments.

At a time when hospitals are facing utilization challenges, often with limited or reduced budgets, it’s hardly surprising that so many are drawing on the more than 30-years’ experience of Brady & Associates.

Often referred to as the ‘consultants to the consultants’, the business, led by Frank Brady, President of Brady & Associates, provides a number of services focusing on hospital productivity, hospital organizational benchmarking, and organizational solutions.

According to the Hospital Organizational Specialist firm, Brady & Associates put much of their focus on helping clients control labor costs which is often the “x-factor” that can be controlled to cut costs. One of the tools they have to use in this area is their own IMPACT database. The database contains over 750 hospitals, 300 department types, and 24,000 hospital departments. IMPACT allows a hospital manager to develop, calibrate and adjust their own department-level staff workload based on standards set by industry peers; keep an eye on staff work to hours paid, overtime, and other factors that can reveal their productivity labels; and make identifying and addressing chances to cut costs much more simple and actionable.

Depending on the individual situation, both IMPACT Quick Check Reports and more in-depth IMPACT Plus Hospital Staffing Reviews are available. Both resources help hospitals to become more organized, and equips them to be able to plan, direct, organize and control resources effectively.

In an ever-changing world, the ability to react quickly when changes occur is essential, so more healthcare delivery organizations are looking to reorganize business lines, realign reporting relationships, and rethink corporate structures.

Brady & Associates has the experience to “think outside the box,” exploring different ways of doing things, and exploring outsourcing or corporate restructuring that could be beneficial.

“Practical usability makes all the difference in the world” says Frank Brady, President of Brady & Associates.

“Unlike many benchmarking services designed by database programmers, our services are created around knowledge gained from decades of research into the factors that limit human productivity in the clinical setting”.

“Out services enable you to actually DO something concrete in the clinical setting” he added.

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