Top Home Security Tips from Master Gold Coast Electrician, EJ Electrical Works

Electricians have a wide knowledge of security lighting, security cameras, and alarm systems. EJ Electrical Works proprietor, EJ Barnes, helped us to compile a list of security measures.

Top Home Security Tips from a Gold Coast Electrician

When we think about securing our homes and businesses against burglars, an electrician may not be the first person to spring to mind. But many of the things you need to keep your home safe and secure should always be installed by a qualified and certified electrician.

As a result, electricians have a wide knowledge of your options in security lighting, security cameras, and alarm systems. EJ Electrical Works proprietor, EJ Barnes, helped us to compile a list of security measures that every home should have.

A Bright Idea

Most of us know that security lighting is a bright idea. No burglar wants to tamper with doors or windows in the full glare of public scrutiny. EJ points out that we should not leave any possible entry routes that can easily be seen from the street unilluminated.

Motion sensors can be quite effective. If an intruder is approaching and the lights suddenly come on, he is likely to beat a hasty retreat. After all, he doesn’t know whether the lights were turned on by a sensor or an alert householder.

But there’s a footnote to this. If the light doesn’t allow the burglar to be seen by passers-by or neighbours, it might even make the break-in easier because the burglar can now see what he is doing. Low light CCTV might be a better option to cover these areas, and you can have a light you can switch on manually if you want to take a peep outside after dark.

Somebody is Home

On the whole, burglars prefer to strike when you aren’t at home. If you’re away on holiday, your dark, silent house is among the things that advertise your absence. And if the lights are on all the time, it’s also pretty obvious that nobody is home.

Timer switches can turn lights on or off, switch on the radio or TV, or even activate devices that open and close curtains. For those of us who don’t want friends or neighbours tracking in and out of our houses while we aren’t home, or don’t want to hassle them with “to do” lists, a little automation does the trick.

Somebody is Watching

CCTV cameras are a big deterrent for burglars – so much so, that there’s even a thriving market for dummy cameras. But the real McCoy will always be the best solution. Nowadays, you don’t even need a security company to monitor cameras. Apps linked to the cam send alerts letting you know that something’s going on and that you need to take a look to see if it’s time to call the police.

Cameras at electric gates and entrances can also help you to see who wants to gain access to your home or business. If you don’t like what you see, you simply keep the visitor locked out.

Shout it Out

If all of these measures leave an intruder undeterred, your alarm system is your next line of defence. When your house starts screaming blue murder, burglars know they’ve been rumbled and we can hope that they will get off your property as fast as they can.

Your alarm system should cover all points of entry and give you a panic button option. Finally, motion sensors indoors can be set up to alert you if somebody is moving around in your house when they shouldn’t.

Get the Best Advice

When getting advice on securing your home, security companies can certainly help, but its worth remembering that the installations are the smallest part of their business. What they want is to sell you third-party monitoring options, rapid response services, and so on. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that the product recommendations they make will be targeted at clinching a deal for ongoing services.

If you don’t want all the extras and service contracts but do want a robust security system, an electrician who knows the security installations market is the right person to contact. For Gold Coast and Northern Rivers residents, calling EJ for a consultation is the obvious solution.

You can visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.

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