Top Hobart Property Management Company Expands Into Kingborough

In conclusion, finding a reliable property manager for your investment property is worth it's weight in gold. Your property manager being part of a team of specialists with a wealth of knowledge reduces your risk even further.

A well-known and fast-growing Tasmanian property management company is spreading its wings, both within Hobart, and throughout the country. After establishing itself as a key player in Hobart itself, the Baxton Property Management Agency is enlarging its footprint into Hobart’s Kingborough municipality as a step in a wider direction.

This will draw the suburbs of Kingston, Kingston Beach, Tinderbox, Blackmans Bay and Taroona fully into Baxton Property Management’s operational orbit to compliment its saturation of Hobart, West Hobart, South Hobart, North Hobart, New Town, Moonah, Glenorchy, Sandy Bay, Dynnyrne, Tolmans Hill, Lindisfarne, Howrah , and Sorrel and surrounding suburbs cementing its position as a leading house rental management company in the region.

Growth Anchored In Experience

In this expansion of focused activity, the company takes with it experience gained through a history of managing more than $1 Billion in residential property. In the process of doing so, it has represented first time owners and mums and dads. But it has also managed properties in Tasmania for professional investors from across Australia, as well as from countries around the globe.

CEO Kellee Pennicott says the Baxton team has accumulated more than 100 years of collective experience in property management services, and investment.

“This has given us the confidence and knowledge to structure our business model and product. And the positive results of implementing both in Hobart has made it possible for us to expand into other areas in Tasmania, and ultimately, the rest of Australia.”

Ease Of Access To Information

The Baxton approach to property management rentals is one of transparency, and of ensuring easy access to information for owners on how their property is being managed. An owner portal provides access at any time of the day or night to all financial information (including property management fees), and to records of maintenance jobs, repairs, inspection reports and other documentation.

Pennicott said the company was driven by a strong professional property management ethic as well as a deep knowledge of how investment properties succeed, “including when to buy and sell rental properties: understand the property cycle“, and the pitfalls they can face. This ethic is applied to both the management, administration and maintenance of properties, as well as to interactions with tenants, who are at the heart of investment property.

“We understand the ever changing needs of tenants, particularly millennials who make up the largest growth sector in our industry, and we appeal to them and keep them informed via our social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest” Pennicott stated.

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Importance Of Owners And Tenants

According to Baxton’s Client Service Manager, Baxton Property Management realised the importance to property owners of the role played by tenants. It therefore takes care of the rental side of the operation with the same professionalism it shows towards the management of the premises.

“Our approach is to balance the needs and comfort of both our clients, the owners, and of the tenants, who, in effect, are the owner’s clients. Baxton is working in the interest of both parties,” he said.

Explaining the company’s approach, he said the company provides free professional photographs and the accompanying text describing it, both to get tenants for the owner, and to provide first-class tenant services to inform interested tenants openly and honestly about premises that are available.

“Careful screening of tenants is carried out in order to protect the owner. It is also done to protect the tenant from entering an agreement he or she is not capable of upholding, and to shelter them from the long-term consequences of doing so.”

In the same way, maintenance, repairs, and dispute resolution, are handled in such a way as to reach a solution that satisfies both owner and tenant. By keeping a close eye on the state of the premises Baxton advises tenants of the importance of your property condition report, less disputes are likely to arise, and the property is more likely to maintain its value and structural integrity as well as being more comfortable to live in.

Tenant and owner advice and guidance is also provided through available booklets, and in terms of a regular blog collection on the company website.

Cost-Free Trial Period

So sure is Baxton Property Management in Hobart that this approach works for all parties involved, it is prepared to put free work where its mouth is. It removes the risk involved for prospective owners by offering a three month entry trial period during which there are no management fees. It backs this up further with a satisfaction guarantee on its service charter that provides another three months free of management costs, should an owner feel dissatisfied at any point.

Servicing The Investment Property Market

As a local Property Management Agency in Hobart, Baxton is able to assist investment property owners either by managing their properties, or by selling their properties through their unique investment channel, should they wish to do so. It has a worldwide database of investor clients looking for properties in the Greater Hobart region.

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