Top Hobart Property Management Agency Says: Welcome to Hobart!

In conclusion, now you are living in Hobart, have fun, enjoy yourself, blend in and get comfortable in your new space. make the effort to get to know everything about this most beautiful city.

You know you made the right decision when you decided to move to the capital of Australia’s island state of Tasmania. At Baxton Property Management in Hobart, we know you did, too. But we also know there will be times when you wonder if you will ever find your way around the town and start feeling just a little more like a local. As a leading house rental company, we’ve been here a while, and we just may be able to help you with some ideas.

Must Do’s Of Settling Into A New Town From A Top House Rental Management Company

Take care of your health: Don’t wait till you are in agony, or your pet is ignoring the food bowl, to start looking for a doctor, a dentist or a vet. Choosing someone you can trust to care for your health, and the well-being of loved ones, is important. It should not be rushed. Talk to co-workers, friends and acquaintances for recommendations, or collect names and research them on the internet. Don’t forget to jot down the number (or store it on your phone) for the local hospital.

Build an emergency contacts and services list: You will rest easier if you have numbers listed for the police and fire authority, utilities suppliers, phone and internet service providers, and the local council. And, if you are staying at a Baxton Property Management rentals in Hobart, do make sure you have our contact number near the top of the list.

Get a bus route map and timetable: If you need to get around in the capital, Metro Tasmania has routes to most parts of the city and its suburbs.

Get To Know Hobart

Did you ask your property management company in Hobart advice on moving companies?  It’s possible you found everything you need to know about the Tasmanian capital on the internet before you moved here. If you didn’t, it’s never too late to start. The town is rich in character and history, and is home to a number of festivals during the year. There is an emphasis on arts and crafts and a number of regular food, craft and farmers’ markets just waiting for you to enjoy.

Baxton property management believes in good neighbourly relations. What’s stopping you? Go out, have fun, and meet the residents of Hobart: 

Study a map, get a GPS, or take your chances, and ask a neighbour or local resident for directions to the surrounding suburbs of Kingston, Kingston Beach, Tinderbox, Blackmans Bay and Taroona, West Hobart, South Hobart, North Hobart, New Town, Moonah, Glenorchy, Sandy Bay, Dynnyrne, Tolmans Hill, Lindisfarne, Howrah , and even Sorrel.

Take a walk: Viewing your new hometown through the windows of a bus, or from your car, doesn’t give the same impression. Feeling your feet hit the sidewalk, and taking your time to look around you can make you feel at home far more quickly. Get to know the sights and sounds in your immediate surroundings. And remember to smile.

Be tourist for a while: Hobart is experiencing a tourism boom. Perhaps you visited it before, and that’s why you decided to relocate to this unique city. Give yourself a break from the great unpacking marathon. Recapture some of the magic you experienced then, and enjoy being new in town. Ask your neighbour, or the servers at shops or restaurants for advice on which places and sites to visit first. They will know what to recommend.

How to avoid budget blowouts? Be a window shopper: Leave your wallet at home or take a limited amount of cash. This adventure is to “shop” for something other than consumer goods. See how the residents of Hobart go about their daily lives. Browse through the smaller and locally owned shops – you might find yourself chatting to the owners or staff and be on your way towards feeling more at home.

Take a break: A cup of coffee or light snack at a local restaurant or coffee shop needn’t break the budget, and offers a good opportunity to blend with the locals.

Accept invitations: This is not a time to be shy and retiring. If a work colleague suggests a cup of coffee, or your neighbours ask you over for a BBQ, accept their invitations. You are not signing away your life or committing to a life-long friendship. But, who knows? You might just find you have a good time.

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Plug-in and keep up-to-date with local events and information on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.

Everything may seem to be new and different right now – or even a little scary. These 9 safety tips for living alone might help. Don’t worry, these feelings will pass, but it could take some time. Be prepared for the fact that it could take some months, or even a year to acclimatise in your new home. Keep up to date on tips about moving, settling in and day to day living in Hobart on the Baxton Property Management blog collection.

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