Top Denver Real Estate Agent Shares News in New Podcast on Buyer’s Motivation

Skyfor releases part 3 of a consumer-oriented podcast series that reveals insider tips for both buyers and sellers of real estate. In this segment, the seller agent reveals his strategy to learn buyer motivation at open house. He also explains inspection phase hazards for sellers.

Denver, Colorado – Skyfor continues to give insider consumer tips in a third broadcast of a podcast series that educates individuals on the strategies real estate seller agents use to get their seller information about buyer motivation. The podcast interviews Denver seller agent Todd Tilghman, who shares what he observes at open houses. These observations are then passed along to sellers in order for them to evaluate the best offers on a Denver property. These strategies work well in a strong seller’s market such as that found in Denver, Colorado and other major metropolitan areas in the US.

The interview with Mr. Tilghman reveals that he learns everything he can about potential buyers at open houses, and also evaluates their body language to determine if they seem highly interested in the property. The podcast may be viewed at

Skyfor, is a Denver based company that helps people connect with top buyer and seller agents. In this 6 minute podcast segment, the seller agent, Todd, also explains the dangers of the inspection phase after a bid is accepted. He makes the important point that once an offer is made comes the inspection phase and that phase is where the buyer has all the power. Buyers in Colorado can get out of the contract for any inspection reason at all. They don’t even have to tell the seller why they wish to terminate the contract.

The podcast is about a real transaction that occurred in the summer of 2017 with the seller asking questions about how he should handle the inspection. The seller, Jeff Kennison, asks about the clause that the potential buyer put in their offer, that they would be very interested in purchasing the home “unless there were sever health and safety concerns”. The listing agent advises his seller a phrase in the offer such as that means little since the buyer can still get their earnest money back and withdraw for any reason whatsoever. However, language like this sets an expectation that may reassure the seller that they are serious and wish to have their offer carefully considered. They are giving notice to the seller that they do not intend to withdraw their offer during the inspection phase over minor items.

This Denver agent makes the point that the buyer pays for the inspections, and that they may order such tests as sewer scopes, radon detection, mold, detection of illegal drug use within the home, or structural inspections.

Through its website, Skyfor seeks to educate consumers about real estate by providing insider tips. Skyfor is a buyer’s and seller’s agent referral service and real estate educator, whose objective is help consumers find out what goes on behind the scenes in real estate transactions.

Skyfor also manages the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association, a not-for-profit trade association of real estate agents who only represent buyers. The strategies outlined in the podcast series will help not only Denver, Colorado buyers and sellers, but also consumers who are intending to buy or sell real estate in other major metropolitan areas. The podcast series interviews property buyers and sellers as well as their agents. The series will continue weekly to the end of the year

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