Top California Psychologist Dr Tracy’s Best Seller “The Method” Breaks Barriers

California psychologist Dr. Tracy Thomas announced the availability of an updated version of her best-selling self-help book “The Method”, in addition to other projects designed to raise awareness of the importance of emotional strength for psychological wellbeing.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, a California-based psychologist specializing in Emotional Science for personal development, announces the second release of her book, “The Method, The Practical Path to Living Your Purpose and Potential.” This life transforming book is based on Dr. Tracy’s more than two decades of experience at the forefront of psychological research into the practical applications of emotional strength and training for achieving optimal mental wellbeing to live a elevated life.

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This announcement underscores an important achievement for Dr. Tracy, as she continues to raise awareness of the importance of harnessing emotional sensitivity for life-long health and happiness.

In her book, world renowned psychologist Dr. Tracy outlines her unique approach to channeling powerful psychological forces for positive personal transformation. Using targeted self-assessment tools, positive framing and honest self-appraisal, she helps readers become their own accountability coach in their life.

Readers will be able to create their unique personalized plan for transformational intervention. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to foster sustainable change, they can overcome issues such as self-doubt, anxiety, lack of productivity and many other symptoms.

The book “The Method” has been praised by readers internationally, with an Amazon review score of 4.4/5 – more than 70% of readers giving it a 5-star rating.

Quoting one reviewer, “This is more than a program. This should be required training for being a person. While I’m thrilled with my transformation, I just wish I’d met Dr. Tracy 30 years ago.”

“I didn’t even know I could feel this healthy,” said another satisfied reader. “I’m more focused than ever and have never felt better in my life. Emotional issues don’t rule my life anymore, instead I’m stronger, happier, and energized for my future.”

“The Method” has also been praised for the groundbreaking premise of Dr. Tracy’s approach, as highlighted by this reader’s quote: “Everything that goes into being the best person you want to be is available here. The old way of trying to be healthy isn’t really working for a lot of people and what Dr. T does is a whole new way of doing things that really works. She really knows what she’s doing, so you can trust that you’re going to get what you want out of the program.”

Dr. Tracy has also announced the release of her newest book, “The Commitments,” will officially launch this fall of 2021.

As part of her campaign to promote Emotional Strength and help individuals throughout the world achieve their optimal success and potential, Dr. Tracy will host the 2nd International Intention Day on April 21, 2021 via Facebook LIVE. For more details, to sign up and download your Free workbook, please visit

About Dr. Tracy Thomas:

The leading California-based Emotional Psychologist, Dr. Tracy Thomas has been helping clients harness their emotional sensitivity as a ‘Super Power’ to achieve their personal and career goals for well over two decades. Her clients include celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, and other high-profile individuals.

Dr. Tracy is an accomplished clinical psychologist, researcher, author and speaker whose work has been featured on prominent platforms including CBS, FOX, TEDx Talk, Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, and many others.

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