Top Aviation Insurance Broker Breaks Down Student Pilot Insurance Policies

Top Aviation Insurance Broker Pleads With New Student Pilots To Consider The Proper Coverage With A Student Pilot Insurance Policy

Corona, CA Release January 29th, 2021.

Beginning your journey as a student pilot is an exciting time with many things to learn and a completely new experience. With all of this on your mind, it’s natural that obtaining student pilot insurance is not the first thing you think about. In a new article, BWI Aviation Insurance owner Matt White breaks down the basics of a student pilot insurance policy.

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“Many student pilots assume their instructor, FBO, or flight school has insurance. While this is usually the case, these policies are designed to protect their legal and financial interests, not yours. The coverage may be limited, and not protect you from a lawsuit if you hurt someone or cause damage to another aircraft or vehicle. The flight school, flying club, or instructor, and their insurance company may come after you if they have to come out of pocket to fix or replace an aircraft.” said White.

While everyone has heard the saying, “flying is safer than driving,” do not use this idiom as a justification to dismiss risk, and not get insurance. This phrase carries some serious assumptions, including that you are being flown by two airline pilots with thousands of hours of combined experience, in an aircraft that has two engines and many backup, redundant systems that can be activated when necessary. In the U.S., several hundred people are killed each year in general aviation accidents, compared to almost no losses from airline flights, where years regularly go by without a domestic fatality in the U.S. As a student pilot, it’s important to recognize and mitigate flying risks, including financial risk.

“It’s generally accepted that, even with satisfactory repairs, an aircraft with damage history will have lower resale value than an aircraft with no damage history. Also, while a plane is being repaired, it will not be available to fly. This can result in a loss of revenue for the flight school or aircraft owner. The flight school or aircraft owner may come after you for these damages. Unfortunately, these losses are not covered by insurance. However, having an aircraft renter’s insurance policy that you can promptly file a claim with after an incident to cover the deductible – will improve your rapport with the flight school or aircraft owner.” said White.

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