Top 7 Best Adjustable Beds Announced by Bedroom Solutions

The 2020 marketplace is full of adjustable beds of various sizes, shapes, colors and brand names consumers have never heard of in the past. This makes the task of selecting an adjustable base an extremely difficult task.

Bedroom Solutions, an independent reviewer of mattresses, adjustable bed frames and mattress toppers, is pleased to announce that they have recently published a review of the seven best adjustable beds available in the market. The adjustable bed comparison and review can be found on

Adjustable beds are no longer limited to hospital rooms. Today, they are seen in bedrooms across the globe, helping individuals get better and sound sleep. Adjustable bases transform the entire sleeping experience and could make an already relaxed mattress even better. Similar to mattresses, one will find a broad spectrum of adjustable beds available for sale both online and in-store. Thus, it is not always easy to narrow down on the adjustable base that meets a person’s sleeping needs.

Luckily, with Bedroom Solutions’ adjustable bed review, they talk about the key things a buyer must look for when comparing adjustable bed frames and go on to suggest several adjustable bed brands to consider. They mention in their review that three of the essential features include Programmable Memory Positions, Wall Hugging, and Pillow Tilting. These are considered highly useful and critical features with any age group, but especially if one is closing up on the senior years.

Since they launched in 2014, Bedroom Solutions has been in the forefront with unique and scientific reviews of sleep-related products. They take pride in their ratings and reviews that are based on experiences systematically gathered from actual-sleep product owners. Their data collection approach – that has been polished for many years – generates mattress and electric bed ratings, which offer meaningful and proper insights into in-home performance of the products.

According to a representative from the company, “Bedroom Solutions’ mission is to help the world sleep better by simplifying the search process and help consumers make the right purchasing decisions when it comes to adjustable beds and related adjustable mattresses. We always believe that good sleep is vital to good health – and good sleep begins with a good bed.”

Bedroom Solutions’ advanced search technology offers the ideal way to search across stores and brands to see mattress choices that best fit a person’s preferences and requirements. Shoppers and consumers benefit from improved transparency – as do good companies. The platform aims that they will continue to be an unbiased, independent source of helpful information for individuals seeking better sleep.

About Bedroom Solutions

Bedroom Solutions rates, reviews and compare modern adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses using unique scoring systems backed up by scientific methodologies. The platform is designed to help consumers identify sleep-related products that are most suitable for their personal needs. Founded in year 2014, Bedroom Solutions is now one of the most trustworthy and comprehensive resources of information on adjustable beds, adjustable mattresses, and sleep science.

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