Top 3 Tips On To Prevent Rain Water Damage Revealed By Home Improvement Company

Homeowners looking for the latest info on Rain water damage from landscaping can stop by America's Gutters for a rundown of the top 3 tips on the subject.

Top 3 Tips

America’s Gutters has released a free tip sheet to help Homeowners cut through the clutter and get to the most important aspects of Rain water damage from landscaping that are essential for success. The full list of tips can be found on the company’s website,

Some of the most effective tips include:

Rain water damage from landscaping – Control water flowing towards a house. Water always finds and flows towards the lowest point. What may look like a rather level yard may in fact be sloped towards the house.

Water damage from misdirected splash blocks – Keep water flowing away from the foundation. Check all downspouts, and be certain they are directed away from the house. Be sure to have concrete or other hardened materials where water exits the downspout.

Clogged gutters or downspouts – Keep all gutters and downspouts clear. If the gutters are clogged, don’t use an A frame ladder or get on the roof. Be sure to use a well anchored extension type ladder to access the gutters. When a section is done, it is best to move the ladder rather than leaning out to the side and risking an injury from a fall.

When asked about the reasons behind the tip sheet, Jason Burch, President of America’s Gutters said,

“During rainy weather, your home can become damaged. There are a few simple things you can do to protect your investment, and it is good to get a reminder of what they are and how to deal with them”

There are more tips available to any homeowner who is interested.

The tip sheet is available for free and Homeowners are encouraged to share the tips with others who find the information useful. Any questions can be answered by going to the company website, and filling out the contact form there.

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