Top 10 Local Experts Warns Massage Therapist Websites Must be Mobile Friendly by April 2015

This release is designed to stress the importance of mobile-friendly websites for massage therapists.

People are increasingly on the lookout for businesses in the service industry on their mobile devices. As such, a massage therapist could go virtually undiscovered unless he or she has a website that can easily be viewed on a smart phone or tablet. To increase the odds that a potential customer will find them, Top 10 Local Experts is urging massage therapists everywhere to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly and have developed a template for Massage Therapists located here:

Information tends to be viewed much differently on mobile devices than it does on computers. For this reason, websites with busy font, heavy graphics or videos that are difficult to load may not be easy to view on a smart phone. Some massage therapist websites also contain flash features that make pages slow to load or difficult to navigate. All these things can affect how easy it is for others to find information on a web page when performing a mobile search. If any of these problems are present, chances are that an individual will head to a competitor’s website instead.

Massage therapists do not have to simply guess how well their website is performing. Top 10 Local Experts can provide them with an analysis of their site to determine what if any changes should be made. It’s imperative that individuals contact them now, as Google is slated to roll out a new update soon, which will harshly penalize all sites that are not mobile friendly. By contacting Top 10 Local Experts now, massage therapists and others in the service industry can stay ahead of the changes in order to keep their page ranked as high as possible.

Developing a mobile-friendly massage therapist website can help business owners attract people who are on the go and interested in purchasing services immediately. To find out more, contact Top 10 Local Experts at 775-775-4949 to schedule an initial consultation.

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