Toowoomba Tyre Sales Mechanical Services And Fuel Plan Offer Launched

A local tyre sales store in Toowoomba has launched a radical fuel savings program for all the residents of Toowoomba, Cotswold Hills, Cranley, Darling Heights, Drayton, and Glenvale.

Garden City Tyres, a local Toowoomba tyre sales company, has launched a new fuel plan to save motorists save money on petrol. The program being offered by this Toowoomba tyre specialists company is geared to give new and existing customers discounts every time they buy fuel.

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This exceptional Toowoomba tyre sales business was prompted to offer this fuel discount program to do its part to help those affected economically by the pandemic. The hope this practical step will benefit everyone in the Toowoomba area.

The Fuel for Less program being offered by Garden City Tyre & Mechanical in Toowoomba began this June and is saving motorists 10c, 20c, 50c on every litre of fuel purchased. Garden City Tyre, the leading tyre sales locally owned and operated company in Toowoomba, will be offering this special discounted fuel program for the duration of the pandemic.

The Fuel for Less Program can be understood by the following illustration. Everyone that spends $100 gets a 20 cents per litre fuel discount. This means local Toowoomba residents can get up to a $ 1.00 off per litre of fuel.

One client got a new set of tyres from this local Toowoomba tyre store last week & walked away with a .10 cents discount per litre fuel discount for the next 3 months. All residents in Toowoomba are cordially invited to take advantage of this limited-time offer to save money on their fuel costs.

As the nation slowly emerges from the pandemic Garden City Tyres & Mechanical are encouraging all residents in Toowoomba to get their vehicles serviced. All Toowoomba residents can also register for this offer by simply visiting the website and entering their details on a simple form.

The launch of the fuel savings program is now available for the residents of Toowoomba and the surrounding settlements of Blue Mountain Heights. Centenary Heights. Cotswold Hills. Cranley. Darling Heights. Drayton. East Toowoomba and Glenvale.

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