Toowoomba QLD Industrial Power Transmission Metric Timing Belts Released

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Bearings & Power Transmission Pty Ltd. expands its product offerings to include updated power transmission products including automotive V-Belts, metric timing belts, and Tsubaki chains and sprockets.

Bearings & Power Transmission Pty Ltd., a ball bearing and power transmission product distributor located in Toowoomba, QLD, have expanded their product offerings to include an updated set of automotive V-Belts, timing belts, and Tsubaki chains and sprockets.

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The recently updated product list intends to offer those working in the Australian mining, automotive, agricultural, and industrial industries a new array of power transmission products for improving their company’s productivity and efficiency.

BPT is an industrial wholesaler that distributes a wide range of products and gear throughout Toowoomba, the Darling Downs, and nearby areas. The company currently has exclusive partnerships with Dotmar Engineering Plastics, IXL Oils and Lubricants, Holdit Bonding & Adhesives, Varvel Gearboxes, and Tsubaki Chains and Sprockets.

This updated range of power transmission products is intended to provide those working in the industrial industries with a new set of tools and solutions for either enhancing the quality of their own products and/or improving their company’s efficiency.

The company’s latest line of automotive V-belts are compatible with a variety of components in need of transmission power including power steering, alternators, hydraulic pumps, and more. Additionally, BPTs exclusive partnership with Tsubaki gives customers access to one of Australia’s most well-known producers of quality chain and sprocket products.

BPT’s updated product line also includes “Metric Timing Belts”, a type of synchronous belt that is built with a finer tooth profile for improved weight distribution. The “Metric Timing Belt” is faster and more efficient than traditional timing belts due to their unique teeth and pulley groove design. They also require no re-tensioning.

With the recently expanded product offerings, Bearings & Power Transmission Pty Ltd. continues to develop as one of Australia’s leading industrial suppliers.

Additional information about BPT and its latest line of power transmission products can be found at the link above.

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