Tongue & Lip Tie Breastfeeding Nipple Pain Baby Position Report Launched

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A new report has been launched by New Mommy Media, focusing on tongue and lip ties in breastfeeding babies. It is the latest in a line of popular reports on issues surrounding new parents raising children.

New Mommy Media, the parent company behind a wide range of popular podcasts for new parents embarking on the journey of raising children, has launched a new report on treating tongue ties and lip ties. It explains what tongue ties are, and their symptoms, while also showcasing how to treat lip ties and tongue ties.

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The report coincides with a new podcast episode, which has been released by The Boob Group, which specializes in food and cooking tips for the breastfeeding mom. The new report ties in with the topic for the show, which is breastfeeding new babies, and some of the problems that parents often face with this process.

New Mommy Media prides itself on its high quality material for parents across its range of podcasts. The company is based in San Diego, and is run by Sunny Gault, who lives with her husband, Ryan, and their four children.

The new report focuses on explaining what tongue and lip ties are, going into the symptoms and how the conditions can be diagnosed. It also investigates whether or not they negatively affect breastfeeding.

If the parent is experiencing nipple pain, or if their baby appears to be having trouble latching on or getting enough milk, it’s possible that they may be suffering from tongue or lip tie. A tongue tie is when the little membrane, called the frenulum, is located more forward than usual. A lip tie is similar, and can occur on the lower, upper or sides of the lip.

Some of the symptoms include nipple pain, a baby who can’t stay in position while trying to feed, a baby who has trouble gaining weight, and a clicking noise when the baby nurses.

Diagnosis usually involves an exam. The report explains that tongue and lip ties don’t always negatively affect breastfeeding. It goes on to explain some of the ways to treat tongue and lip tie.

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