Toms River NJ Realty Firm Home Staging & Property Preparation Tips Released

Toms River, NJ realty firm Ocean County Realtors Group has released home staging and preparation tips for owners looking to sell a home in Ocean County. The firm recommends interior and exterior changes to properties to improve buyer experience and positively impact the selling price.

Toms River, NJ realty firm Ocean County Realtors Group announced the release of its home staging and property preparation tips. The firm highlights several key areas that homeowners need to focus on to improve the curb appeal and potentially, the sales price of their homes.

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A profile report by the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group highlights that 83 percent of buyers’ agents state that home staging makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as their future home. The report also indicates that 22 percent of staged homes resulted in a 1 to 5 percent increase in the purchase offer.

The Toms River real estate listing agency recommends that homeowners make simple, inexpensive, and beneficial repairs to a home’s exteriors and interiors. Documented from the experience of real estate professionals in Ocean County, these home staging and listing tips include cleaning and upgrading fences, lighting fixtures, and window treatments.

Other tips include correcting minor defects to locks, handles, doorstops, and frames, as well as adding small touches to showcase a lived-in, homely atmosphere. The firm also recommends painting rooms as required and maximizing natural light.

The real estate listing company in Toms River, NJ also recommends keeping lawns and shrubbery trimmed, cleaning siding, power washing for driveways and other hardscaping, decluttering interiors and exteriors, as well as ensuring a pleasant smell around the home.

According to a spokesperson for the Ocean County real estate group, “Staging and preparing a home for sale is an often overlooked step that when performed correctly, can result in a home being sold quicker and at a higher price. Our home preparation tips come from our team’s extensive experience with buyer and seller perspectives about the presentation and aesthetic value of a property for sale.”

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