Toms River NJ Professional Development – Attitude Improvement Training Launched

Maximum Performance Sandler Training (732-255-6672) has launched their updated professional development training programs, which help Toms River, NJ clients develop their professional skills.

Maximum Performance Sandler Training, a business and leadership training company, has announced the launch of their updated professional development training programs for Toms River, NJ residents. The training programs are led by expert mentor, Scott Bliss, who has over 25 years of sales experience.

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The updated professional development training programs give Toms River residents access to evidence-based strategies for sharpening their professional skills.

Maximum Performance Sandler Training’s courses are based on the Sandler system, which was developed in 1967 by entrepreneur and salesman David Sandler. In its over 50 years of widespread use, the Sandler system has helped countless business people improve their sales, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

The system focuses on developing clients’ attitudes, behaviors, and techniques, which constitute the Sandler Success Triangle.

Early in the process of developing his training methodology, Sandler recognized that clients would often revert to behaviors within their “comfort zone” when faced with challenging situations.

The updated professional development training programs are specially designed to create long-term behavioral change by providing numerous opportunities for clients to practice their newly learned skills.

The “No Guts, No Gain” course walks clients through a total overhaul of their mentality. As attitude, self-esteem, and motivation have profound impacts on business success, the program provides a step-by-step framework for developing rock-solid confidence in the face of adversity.

In addition, clients are taught to leave bad habits behind and replace them with proven business and interpersonal strategies.

The company also offers a prospecting strategy program, entitled “No-Pressure Prospecting.” In the program, clients learn how to identify prospects with a high probability of converting, reach decision-makers, and structure a prospecting call.

Prospecting best practices are also covered, ensuring that clients are informed of optimal strategies for every step of the process.

For clients such as architects, engineers, and consultants who sell professional services, the company delivers a series of proven business strategies to grow their business even if they lack natural sales ability.

A satisfied customer said: “As we enter the ‘new normal,’ I was looking for some training for my team to help them excel in this new virtual world. Scott not only put together great content to present but his delivery, enthusiasm, personal approach, and memorable catch phrases were exactly what my team needed.”

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