Tomcat’s Lubbock Tree Trimming Releases Report on Winter Snow Storm Cleanup

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Unusual snowy weather in West Texas has weighted down trees and downed some tree limbs. It is important to clean up the dead wood and proactively prepare for future storms.

In the recent West Texas snow storm, Lubbock, Texas, officially received 10 inches of snow. That snow has weighed heavily on trees and brought down some branches. There is nothing like a storm to expose the weakened tree branches and dead wood around a property.

This inclement winter weather has revealed how important it is to professionally remove dead trees and dead tree limbs from properties before winds and winter storms do. Sometimes home and business owners are fortunate, and limbs end up somewhere where person or property are not injured. But it is dangerous to ignore dead trees and limbs as these can crash unexpectedly on people, property or livestock.

As the snow from this storm melts away, and before there are any more storms or high winds, it is a good time to get rid of dead wood. This is not an amateur’s job. Removing dead limbs or a dead tree is extremely dangerous work. Particularly if the tree is close to power lines, a house, a garden, a garage, or a fence, it is necessary to have a professional aborist such as Tomcat’s Tree Services remove the tree. There are unknown factors of how the tree will fall due to gravity that are best left to a knowledgeable aborist.

Tomcat’s Tree Services has been serving West Texas and the Lubbock area for 16 years and counting. Tom and his team can take care of removing dead wood and downed and fallen trees and branches. They can also cut up a downed tree into firewood. They service all tree-related issues whether residential or commercial. With a proven track record and positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List, home owners and business owners can trust Tomcat’s experience and reputation. Tom Burgess and his team are available by phone or website. It is best to call them and get rid of dead wood around the property or business as the inclement winter weather has already started.

Release ID: 457500