Toledo OH Central Air Conditioning Units Repair & Installation Services Launched

Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical, a Toledo HVAC contractor, launched high-quality summer preparation and maintenance services for residential clients in Toledo. Continuing its awareness raising campaign, the company provides professional assistance with a variety of issues related to heaters, coolers and air conditioning systems.

Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical, a heating, cooling and indoor air contractor based in Toledo, announced a full range of updated services for clients looking to prepare for the coming summer and revealed their top 5 ways to prepare an air conditioner for summer.

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Interior temperature regulation is essential during excessively hot days, which is why many Toledo residents and business owners opt for different types of AC systems. Like all electronic devices, HVAC systems are prone to malfunction, and they need appropriate maintenance and repair to ensure safe and reliable performance throughout the year. Having an air conditioning unit malfunction during the summer months is not only uncomfortable it can also be dangerous for at risk members of the population like the elderly.

Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical is a professional HVAC contractor offering comprehensive AC maintenance and repair services for the summer season. As part of its awareness campaign on high-quality HVAC services they have revealed their top 5 ways to prepare an air conditioner to minimize problems before the summer season arrives. According to a spokesperson for the Toledo company, summer often sees many homeowners unprepared when it comes to their AC systems. Filter cleaning is necessary at least once a month to ensure proper AC functioning, while it is recommended to have overall air conditioning system maintenance scheduled at least twice each year.

Additional maintenance procedures necessary to prepare the AC system for the summer season include cleaning the A/C condenser coils, checking the coolant lines, the thermostat and the condensation lines. Replacing mercury switch thermostats with digital models is also helpful, as it has been shown to save up to $100 per year, according to the California Energy Commission.

Another prevalent problem has been that of unscrupulous HVAC contractors replacing the entire air conditioning system, rather than simply changing a malfunctioning part. This leads to significant unnecessary financial cost for air conditioning system owners. This highlights the importance to Toledo homeowners to ensure they work with licensed and professional HVAC contractors.

Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical strives to provide comprehensive and professional summer preparation and maintenance services for all types of HVAC systems, including AC systems, furnaces, water heaters, boilers and various other heating and air conditioning units. These services are essential to minimize the financial costs associated with full HVAC system replacement, and they can also prevent against potentially life-threatening electrical malfunctions.

Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical works exclusively with professional, licensed and certified experts to ensure safe, prompt and reliable services. Emergency services are available 24/7.

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