Toilet Training Baby Boy Frog Potty Safe Stable Easy To Clean Toilet Released

Awaken Baby Boy Products announced the release of its potty training aid for little boys, the Soraco®Cute Frog Boys Potty. The potty has a spinning target “tongue” inside. It can be mounted to the wall and used as a urinal at the appropriate height.

Awaken Baby Boy Products has announced the release of its Soraco®Cute Frog Boys Potty for little boys. It is a small potty fit for a young boy who is ready to be potty trained. For added stability there is the option of screwing the outside piece of the potty to the wall.

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The age of potty training differs among countries and cultures ranging from 0-12 months to over 24 months, and some even 3 or 4 years. There are some advantages to potty training at earlier ages. Potty-trained children avoid diaper rash and diaper-related infections including yeast, giardia and rotavirus according to Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. in Parenting Science.

Dewar reports that young children who were trained in infancy are less likely to suffer recurrent urinary tract infections which is likely because they learn to empty their bladders completely eliminating residual urine that can harbor bacteria.

Awaken Baby Boy Products, a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, has released its new product for potty training baby boys, the Soraco®Cute Frog Boys Potty. The potty for training little boys is a small frog-shaped urinal with a whirling target.

The frog potty is safe and sturdy and can be mounted to the wall at the appropriate height for further stability to eliminate the need for a step stool. The potty also comes with suction cups to grip the wall for short term use. It has a urine groove separation design and light surface for easy cleaning.

Awaken Baby Boy Products also has a wide range of products for baby boys for online shoppers to browse and from which to choose. Their site offers links for clothing and shoes, feeding, gifts, nursery, play mat and gyms, potty training and toys.

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