Toilet Paper Download Shelter In Home COVID-19 Hoarding Alternative Released

BlueHippo company has launched a website allowing visitors to download their own toilet paper avoiding the need to go to the shops and avoiding the need to hoard toilet paper to ensure future supply.

A new site has been launched to help people sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic download a selection of different toilet papers as an alternative to hoarding toilet paper.

More information is available here:

Since early in the coronavirus pandemic many people have rushed to the shops to buy essentials like toilet paper and an unfortunate result of that is leaving toilet paper in short supply with bare shelves becoming common.

The launch of this new site gives people a way to avoid going to the shop battling with other shoppers and allows visitors to download their own choice of toilet paper free. BlueHippo also gives visitors the option of making a donation to GlobalGiving, a coronavirus relief fund.

The newly launched site has developed an algorithm to determine how much toilet paper a family is likely to need to tide them over during the global coronavirus pandemic. Online retailer BlueHippo who run the site have also developed a system allowing people to download seventy-five rolls of toilet paper.

All that is required to take advantage of the new site is a simple laptop and printer and any household can be fully stocked with the toilet paper of their choice. Toilet paper options include the Strong Wipe, the Standard Wipe, the Luxury Wipe and the Natural Wipe giving every family a choice that will keep them happy.

A spokesperson of Bluehippo says “When your toilet paper stash is low you now have a fast option that you can use with your laptop and a regular printer…tools most people already have in their homes. Why battle with panic buyers and hoarders in the grocery stores when you can stay in the comfort of your home and download your toilet paper in minutes.”

To take advantage of the free download of toilet paper interested parties should visit the URL above.

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