Toefl Test IBT Vorbereitung Online Hub Launches Elearning Platform

YourLanguageConsultant, a business and individual educator of the English language, has launched a new eLearning platform for TOEFL IBT testing preparation. This new platform enables users to learn at any time of the day or night and enhances information retention.

YourLanguageConsultant, an English communication specialist for businesses and individuals has launched their new Toefl Test IBT Vorbereitung Online Hub for reading, writing, speaking and listening to English. The platform gets participants TOEFL IBT test ready by introducing them to specific and targeted learning, so as to increase user experience and knowledge retention.

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Launched in May, the new eLearning platform enables users to access comprehensive online TOEFL IBT preparation for English reading, writing, speaking and listening. This training simplifies the learning process and enhances user understanding allowing the absorption of more information. With easy-to-follow tips, guides and interactive tools, the new platform makes learning fun and exciting.

Delivered via the Internet, the TOEFL IBT enables businesses to communicate effectively with English speaking clients and companies. In a globally connected world being able to communicate in English is imperative to the growth of business and communication at all levels in the workplace.

Therefore, the YourLanguageConsultant new TOEFL IBT eLearning platform provides users with the tools and guides needed to help prepare them for the test. Business English training programs are usually in 60-minute blocks and may be one-on-one, one-on-two or in small groups.

With a long-standing history of teaching English to businesses and individuals, YourLanguageConsultant provides job application training, email and telephone communication training and presentation training in English.

When asked about the new eLearning platform launched by YourLanguageConsultant, a spokesperson said, “The new service makes it easier for our users to access training materials and to prepare themselves better for testing. It also means that users can log-in and learn whenever and where-ever they want, so that immersive learning is not restricted by time or location constraints.”

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