Toddler Stuffed Plush Animal Bowling Ball Set To Raise Future Olympians Launched

Pin Pals, a new developmental soft stuffed animal bowling set tailored to provide a fun and captivating experience for babies, toddlers or children while developing gross motoring skills like hand eye coordination or balancing, has been announced by Broyani Kids

Broyani Kids announced the launch of its premier developmental bowling set, Pin Pals, tailored to provide a fun and safe experience for children aged 12 months or more while strengthening their gross motor skills.

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Broyani Kids is a popular brand committed to creating and providing high quality children’s toys that combine prime entertainment, safety and fun with valuable educational and developmental benefits for the children, with a portion of each toys’ profits donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The popular business has announced the launch of its unique Pin Pals bowling set, ideal to be gifted for children aged 12 months and up and tailored to be used as an entertaining bowling game, rattles or safe throw toys, and more, while strengthening gross motor skills such as hand eye coordination or balancing.

The Pin Pals set includes seven stuffed animals with vibrant colors and featuring bells in the heads, crinkly paper in the bodies and rattle in the ball to capture a young child’s attention, certified by the CPSC and adhering to all its product safety guidelines with no small moving parts or choking hazards.

More information on the Pin Pals and its motoring skills development benefits along with multiple images of the bowling set and its stuffed animals with vibrant colors as well as multiple customer ratings and testimonials are available at

The Broyani Kinds brand explains that “PinPals is the perfect gift for those who don’t know what to get for a friend’s kids birthday or looking to anticipate Christmas to July for their 12-24 months’ old baby that will likely treat the soft stuffed animal pins like rattles or their 2+ year olds that will look at the set more as a game and have an easier time setting up the pins which will strengthen their gross motor skills and maybe start developing the next generation of Olympians”.

The business adds that “we at Broyani Kids strive to create high quality toys that keep a child’s interest for years. We are a small business that cares about children, the quality of the developmental toys we make, delivering great customer service and making them affordable to all. We are also proud of the support we provide to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a Partner in Hope”.

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