‘Tis the Season to Stock Trout in Texas Hill Country Lakes – Report Released

Now is the time to stock your pond or lake with trout, according to the professionals at Lochow Ranch Professional Pond & Lake Management. Ponds and lakes must be stocked in different ways.

For those who make the fishery decisions for privately managed lakes or ponds, now is the time for the winter stocking of trout.

Fish stocking is simply placing fish in a body of water to supplement an existing population or create a new one. Lakes and ponds have different requirements when it comes to fish stocking. Proper stocking ratios and species are dependent upon the objective for the pond or lake.

What fish will work best in a body of water involves many variables, including the owner’s goals, the size of the lake and other factors. Very small ponds under one acre have special considerations to take into account, and so do very large lakes of many acres. They must be stocked and managed in different ways and present distinct challenges.

The team of technicians, biologists and other professionals at Lochow Ranch Pond & Lake Management can provide the tools necessary to maintain a healthy balance in a managed lake or pond and make it the ideal location for fishing pleasure. They will help owners maintain a healthy pond with the right predator-to-prey ratio for strong growth rates in game and forage fish.

They carry bass, trout, sunfish, catfish and forage fish. Many other species are also available for specific requests. The fish are always transported with liquid oxygen in custom fish-hauling trailers to ensure their health while en route. Careful planning and implementation is essential for the success of any pond. The professionals at Lochow Ranch will work with pond and lake owners to determine not just stocking rates, but also fish types that can live together in harmony for a healthy, vibrant and self-supporting ecosystem.

At almost any time of year, they can deliver fish to a lake or pond. Afterwards, they can work with owners in the future to make sure the outcome is in line with their goals.

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