Tips: Pflugerville Commercial and Residential Water Damage, Extraction, Removal

Seeking to help more people restore their home or business after water damage and flooding resulting from hurricane Harvey and Irma, Pflugervile Reconstruction Service Pros is servicing all affected areas in Texas and Florida. Pflugervile Reconstruction Service Pros is quickly helping businesses open.

“When the rain stops falling from hurricane Harvey, safety will be a major concern for everyone.“We haven’t seen this type of storm strength come ashore since hurricane Sandy,” said Kelly Reich, director of operations and safety for Pflugervile Reconstruction Service Pros, one of the fastest growing disaster restoration companies in Texas proving water damage restoration, fire clean up, and mold remediation and removal for hotels, apartments buildings, condo complexes, and warehouses.

In many cases, the immensity of damage is going to be mind-boggling, and in the absence of a concrete plan on how to proceed, business and commercial buildings risk sustaining even more substantial damages.

As unprecedented amount fallen trees from, roofs blown off, and torrential rain from Hurricane Harvey which pounded Texas, nearby small business and property owners require a concrete thought out plan for handling the damage resulting from the storm, says Pflugervile Reconstruction Service Pros, a service provider of residential and commercial restoration services arising from damage as a resulted of water, fire, smoke or mold.

Return to the property when cleared by a knowledgeable expert: If the home or business has suffered structural damage, do not return to until officials have informed people that it’s risk-free to do so. Be incredibly careful and realize that the structural stability might be weakened.

It’s essential to keep in mind, whenever water is higher than the height where electrical outlets are, electrical wiring is jeopardized. Continually use extreme vigilance and presume that any fallen or cut or nicked wire is charged. Stay clear of places where there is water standing. Proceed with caution around electronic devices or business machines that might have come into contact with water or may have shifted as a result of rising water.

Use personal safety clothing at all times: Never permit any person to jeopardize their own safety or jeopardize others. Make sure that every person in the home or business wear needed safety equipment, from safety shoes and protective clothing to hardhats, glasses, gloves, and personal protective equipment and more at all times.

Protect the home or business: Allow legitimate access only. Ensure property managers know exactly who is on the property and that they provide suitable identification.

Stay clear of touching polluted objects: Any object that has touched exposure to storm surge or flood water is polluted and should be regarded as dangerous, especially after it dries out. This water can contain all kind of chemical and biological waste, including feces, oil products, and more.

Write down all damage and inventory all equipment, machinery, and data records: When it is safe to return to the establishment, take pictures of the damage and enter them into a catalog, taking note of things like water stains on walls; cabinets, wall surfaces and front doors which might be deformed; electronic devices that were damaged, and the decorative elements of the residential or commercial property which have suffered damage.

Leave it to the seasoned professional: When addressing storm surge, flood water, water removal, water extraction, structural damage and other significant issues coming from Hurricane Harvey, Pflugervile Reconstruction Service Pros is here to help. Many people will probably contact property owners. Use service providers who are knowledgeable, extensively proficient in the professional services required, and who are appropriately insured.

Pflugervile Reconstruction Service Pros is providing commercial property restoration services in Pflugervile TX as well as all areas affected by hurricane Harvey and Irma.

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