Tips on How To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey and Naturally While Pregnant

A new quit smoking cold turkey guide focusing on how to stop smoking naturally has been launched. The guide is aimed at anyone that wants to quit smoking, or knows anyone else that they want to help quit smoking for good.

The Stone Builders Rejected has launched a new guide focusing on how to quit smoking cold turkey and naturally. The guide explains common reasons as to why smokers smoke, and offers tips on how to avoid smoking cigarettes. The guide is targeted at anybody that wants to quit smoking or anyone that wants to help a friend or family member quit smoking and improve their overall health.

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The newly launched guide details that the most common reason for smokers to smoke cigarettes is to help relieve feelings of stress, tension and anxiety. This leads to smokers becoming dependant on cigarettes for everyday life.

Nevertheless, readers will find that the guide explains that there are healthier alternatives to keeping these feelings under control. Examples include exercise, meditation, leisure activities and breathing exercises, which can all help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Readers will find that the guide also states various different methods to avoid normal cigarettes. For example, one factor that makes it difficult to quit smoking is if friends or family are smoking as well. The guide explains that it is incredibly helpful to ask other smokers to smoke in a different area to avoid temptation.

In addition to other smokers, another factor that can cause issues when quitting smoking is alcohol. It is extremely common for individuals to smoke when consuming alcohol, meaning it is best to avoid alcohol as well. The guide also explains how it is a good idea to only drink alcohol in areas where smoking is prohibited in order to help.

Handling nicotine withdrawal symptoms is of paramount importance when quitting smoking. It is likely that when quitting, smokers will experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms that can have a sudden onset such as intense cravings for nicotine, headaches, coughing, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and many other symptoms. The guide details ways to help with these symptoms including brushing teeth, finding an oral option such as gum, and keeping hydrated.

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