Tinea Treatments Imidazole Fungicide Treatments Released On New Foot Fungus Site

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New website, Foot Fung.us, provides the latest information and reports on successful trials and treatments for foot and nail fungus including the treatment of tinea pedis (or athlete's foot), jock itch, ringworm and other fungal infections.

Newly launched website Foot Fungus, dedicated to providing the latest information on the treatment of tinea pedis or athlete’s foot, has published reports on the success of trials and treatments for foot and nail fungus, including the use of a new imidazole fungicide.

To read more about this, visit the website: http://footfung.us.

Footfung.us website has introduced a continuing series of abstracts and articles discussing the use of various topical antifungal medication treatments, both in the form of naturally sourced antifungal creams and powders, and over the counter pharmaceutical topical medications containing azoles and allylamines.

It writes that the most commonly used natural antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients in topical applications include tea tree, and ajoene, an organosulfur compound originally derived from garlic. It includes articles that discuss human trials and research studies and the effectiveness of these topical applications.

Footfung.us stresses the importance of aggressive treatment of acute and chronic tinea pedis (or athlete’s foot/foot fungus) with a topical antifungal agent. Systemic antifungal treatment may be required in cases of chronic presentations of tinea pedis in cases that don’t respond well to topical treatment alone.

The website reports that one of the newer imidazole (or azole) solutions on the market, sertaconazole nitrate cream 2%, provides a very effective treatment of existing tinea pedis. Demonstrated under a controlled clinical study it displayed safe and tolerable results on patients with years of persistent tinea pedis, with significantly improved results in as little as two weeks, applied twice daily. This is due to the fungicidal and fungistatic (fungus destroying and fungus inhibiting) properties, but also from its anti-inflammatory and antipruritic (treatment of itchy skin) properties.

It reports on the effectiveness of ketoconazole cream 2%, also an azole, in the treatment of tinea pedis, tinea cruris (groin, perineum and perineal areas) and tinea corporis (skin other than bearded area, scalp, groin, hands or feet). The trial involved 256 participants, applying the topical antifungal medication once daily, and assessed after four and eight weeks of treatment, with a marked or excellent reaction observed in 82 percent of the cases. The full results are available on the footfung.us website.

The site also discusses the effectiveness of orally administered terbinafine (an allylamine), for the treatment of tinea pedis in HIV positive patients, in a trial where participants were randomized, showing that oral terbinafine is safe and well tolerated in two or four week treatment programs.

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