Timothy Duncan Alabama Poet Emotional Poems Collection Launched

A new poetry collection has been launched by Timothy Duncan on Amazon, called Through the Eyes of the Soul. It features a range of poems covering all aspects of life and love.

Timothy Duncan has launched a new poetry collection, called Through The Eyes of the Soul: One’s Understanding of Reality vs Fantasy. It was written to appeal to all readers, but especially men as it features a roller coaster of emotions from a man’s point of view.

More information can be found at: https://amazon.com/Through-Eyes-Soul-understanding-reality/dp/0999377302

The newly launched book features a range of poems design to cut to the heart of emotional reality. It was designed to be a roller coaster of twists, turns, and sudden stops with a focus on enthralling the reader.

Through the Eyes of the Soul gives readers an insight into the perspective of how Timothy Duncan views the world. It is a recollection of his journey through life, leading him in many directions, and finding himself in different places.

The poems within the collection reach a depth that is rarely seen. Timothy explains that they transform the mind into a canvas of emotional paints, flowing in all directions.

It offers insights into life’s setbacks and ways forward. Some poems are romantic in nature, while others deal with the emotional side of being rejected.

Other topics include real life experiences, conversations, and more. Timothy highlights that he writes about what he sees, hears, thinks and feels.

Timothy Duncan lives in Huntsville, Alabama and has always loved poetry. He likes to explore the minds of all he comes into contact with, and is able to express on paper the thoughts of many.

A recent reader said: “This book definitely has poems that reaches your inner soul. I honestly must say that the author writes from his heart and you can tell he has a deep passion for poetry. Excellent read and a great gift for anyone who needs inspiration.”

There are a number of benefits to reading poetry, including improving verbal skills, critical thinking, and developing empathy and insight.

It is also a good introduction to the arts as a whole, and encourages engagement with other art forms.

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