Timeshare Secrets: The Online Course For Timeshare Owners & Vacation Ownership

Barrett Masso's Leisure School is open to online students worldwide. The program aims to helps timeshare owners and avid travelers enjoy luxury vacations for free.

Leisure School, the brainchild of entrepreneur Barrett Masso, has announced the rollout of their do-it-with-you program, a new service within their timeshare owner education program. The online platform is designed to help timeshare owners, and those who are interested buying a timeshare, get the maximum value and enjoyment out of vacation ownership.

Learn more at https://leisureschool.com

The online course is comprised of easy-to-follow videos, done for you templates & checklists, and a slew of other unique tools. The training is conducted exclusively online via its private member-online site and comes with a lifetime membership.

Leisure School understands that without adequate guidance, having a a timeshare can be overwhelming at times. As such, the online platform aims to guide timeshare owners by providing them with the information and tools needed to be more effective with timeshare ownership. The timeshare course covers everything from the basics, such as navigating timeshare websites, to secret strategies that enable timeshare owners to book those “hard-to-get” weeks as well as leverage their timeshare to stay in luxury homes and 5-star resorts. The course goes as far as educating owners on how they can generate income through renting their timeshare.

The program was birthed after Masso’s discovery that there was a lack of education available for timeshare owners. The founder notes that the industry comprises of what he calls two camps: the timeshare companies, who are focused on selling, and the timeshare “exit” companies, who are focused on getting people to pay thousands of dollars to get rid of their timeshare.

After making this discovery (and reaping the benefits of learning how to effectively work the timeshare system), Masso realized this was his opportunity to use his knowledge to help other timeshare owners. To date, Masso and Leisure school have helped thousands of timeshare owners learn how get more value and enjoyment out of their timeshares.

For more information and to enroll in the course see the link above.

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