Time zones are not a problem: Pipelines on an international scale

Pipeline manufacturing leader, GPT, discusses global reach and vital issues

BOCA RATON, FL, March 17, 2014 -- Producing innovative products that enhance the pipeline systems of today to meet the increasing demands of tomorrow; that is what drives pipeline production giant, GPT. 21st Century Television's own Jackie Bales sat down recently with three members of the GPT team: Todd Anderson, Vice President; Peter Mannion, Director of Sales; and Amy Strom, Director of Marketing.

GPT is a global leader in the manufacturing of spring-energized jacketed seals, electrical flange isolation kits and critical-service flange systems for the water/wastewater, oil and gas, energy, chemical, infrastructure and construction industries as well as many products that are vital to pipelines.

“We are excited to feature GPT on our show,” says Vice President of Programming, JL Haber. “We seek out the best of the best to have on our show. With GPT's solid reputation and amazing track record as a leader in the pipeline industry, they were a perfect fit.”

In the interview, Anderson, Mannion and Strom discuss the advances that GPT is reaching for in the coming months as well as the company's dedication to its customers. The company takes great pride in being able to provide specific customized expertise to its customers. Viewers also get a sneak peek into several of GPTs facilities as well as hear from other employees who are making the mission happen.

With their cutting edge technology and industry shaking breakthroughs, GPT has quickly emerged as an industry leader. Their Houston facility currently produces the best steel casing spacer on the market. But the one aspect that definitely sets GPT head and shoulders above their competition is the strong focus on customer service.

It is that commitment to customer service that Ms. Strom emphasizes during the interview. With a global reach the availability of customer service representatives must be virtually around the clock. But as she says, “Time zones are not a problem.”

Viewers will also hear from VP Todd Anderson about advances that GPT has made as well as where he plans to take the company into the future. This is an episode that should not be missed!

The GPT feature story will air on CNBC on March 19, 2014 at 11:30pm (PST) as paid programming.

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