Time is Running Out as Tax Filing Deadlines Approach

Despite being the most important sector in the U.S. economy, small businesses suffered the most during the pandemic. One tax specialist is extending much-needed support by helping them find tax savings that their Tax Preparer can't find.

The Growth Management Group (GMG), a consulting firm specializing in tax incentives, has launched an automated system that can identify potential tax credits for small businesses. The web-based software can quickly sort through hundreds of local, state, and federal tax programs and pinpoint the ones that a business may qualify for. This gives estimates that need to be verified.

More information is available at https://emergencybusinessrelief.com/600809

This service offers small business owners a means to identify potential specialized Tax Benefits and Tax Credits that could allow them to save hundreds of thousands in taxes payable and bring additional cash into their business. This announcement is timely, as the window for claiming these incentives grows smaller as the deadlines of Sept 15th and October 15th for tax fiings draws nearer.

To use the software and get a valid estimate, one needs to enter accurate business details on the software, such as one’s industry, number of employees, and annual payroll. It will then show the user the potential total tax savings that they can claim. Be sure that all the details necessary for a professional to contact you are included.

Provided accurate contact details are included the system can connect business owners to the company’s consultants for confirmation.

This work is done on contingency basis which means you do not pay anything up front, except in hte case of people looking for additional money to help them hire new employees and the work starts immediately and is not contingent on anything, because not many tax preparers and CPAs are willing to do contingency preparations to take these newly found incentives into account. Furthermore, GMG consultants can help individuals and business owners face IRS auditors should issues arise.

Small businesses are the “lifeblood” of the economy, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. The agency said that the sector accounts for 44% of the country’s economic activity.

GMG stated that it introduced this service to help these businesses, many of which were left with little or no cash at the height of the pandemic. Even though these enterprises are starting to feel the relief resulting from the country’s recovery, they will still need to meet their tax obligations if they want to avoid further inconveniences like interests and penalties, explained the company.

“It is urgent that small businesses take advantage of this small window of time before the final deadlines to reduce their tax burden, or they risk everything they have worked for,” a company spokesperson said.

GMG has been helping clients identify growth opportunities since its founding in 2004. To date, its team of experts has achieved over $500 million in savings for many businesses.

Interested individuals who want to try out the system are encouraged to enter their details at https://emergencybusinessrelief.com/600809

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