Tigit Motorbikes Launches Fully Guided Tours in Vietnam

Tigit Motorbikes offers guided motorbike tours as a spectacular way to take in the sights of Vietnam that cannot be seen during a normal tour.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam—When traveling to and visiting foreign countries, it can be difficult to coordinate fun excursions and activities. Vietnam has a lot to offer tourists and locals alike, but increasingly, travellers are seeking ways to see the country that take them beyond the typical sightseeing excursions. Tigit Motorbikes Tours is revolutionising the way people travel around Vietnam by offering fully guided tours via their motorbike rentals.

Tigit Motorbikes Tours offers a variety of guided motorbike tours around Vietnam including the Cat Tien Getaway, the Cat Tien Off-Roader, Ho Chi Minh Loop, and the Saigon Circle. Each of these offers different features. For example, the Cat Tien Getaway offers a guided tour taking the scenic route around town to visit the Cat Tien National Park. To optimise the experience, the tour guide takes a slightly longer route to avoid traffic and allow clients to experience more of Vietnam’s natural beauty and quiet country roads.

A benefit of these various guided tours is that they each offer a different time length, which gives travellers the ability to integrate the tour into their packed schedules. The longest tour that Tigit Motorbikes offers is the Saigon Circle, which lasts 4 to 8 days depending on the skill level of the tour group and the number of members. This customisable route provides an exciting adventure, but those looking for a shorter guided tour can check out one of the briefer options. Both of the Cat Tien tours are 2 days long, so they make ideal options for visitors looking for something shorter.

Tigit Motorbikes Tours also provides reliable motorbike rentals across the Southern city of Ho Chi Minh and the Northern city of Hanoi. Tigit utilises helpful pickup and drop off locations for its customers, allowing their clients the flexibility of picking up their rental motorbike in one city and returning it in another. This allows the travellers to can continue their travels uninterrupted. It is a huge plus for those who are traveling within a time constraint, or who simply don’t want to backtrack to return their rental motorbike.

Tigit Motorbikes Tours seeks to go beyond the typical guided tours to allow their clients to see more of Vietnam. Travellers will find that this company provides adventurous tours and motorbike rentals that can accommodate their schedules and travelling aspirations.

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