Ticket Seller Says Sold Out MLB Playoff Tickets are Still Available

MLB playoff tickets are officially sold out, but fans can still find them at third party ticket sellers like Sportsticketbank.com

Most fans looking to buy MLB playoff tickets when they went on sale on September 23 ended up disappointed. The tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. Eastern time and were officially sold out by 11:40. Many fans who had waited on the phone for hours to purchase tickets walked away believing that they would have to forego this year’s playoff games.

But according to a spokesman from SportsTicketBank.com, those fans still have a chance to see the games. “We don’t have tickets to all of the playoff games because they’re selling so quickly, but fans who want to see some of the games are in luck because we still have some tickets available,” he says.

The serious contenders all have diehard fans who are fighting for a chance to see the games in person, and that’s the main reason for the ticket shortage this year. For instance, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays all want tickets, as do fans of the Pirates, the Cubs, St. Louis, the Mets, the Dodgers, the Twins, the Astros, and the Angels. With so much competition, it makes sense that the ticket prices have skyrocketed. After all, there are more fans than tickets, and so fans will have to pay more in order to secure a seat to one of the games.

“We try to keep our ticket prices in line and don’t charge the outrageous amounts that some third party ticket sellers do. All we want to do is ensure that those fans who really want to see the games can do so. Everyone wins that way, and we hope fans will remember us as a great source for hard to find tickets,” says the spokesman.

Post season tickets are notoriously difficult to find, but this year, fans are setting records. It’s been reported that some fans are paying upwards of $10,000 for entire post season tickets, although not every fan has that kind of money to spend. “It shouldn’t cost someone’s life savings to see a baseball game,” says the spokesman. “For instance, fans can see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Texas Rangers on October 9 for a little over $100.”

Fans who want to see any of the MLB playoff games should be aware that just because there are tickets left now, that doesn’t mean they will last. In fact, a quick look at the SportsTicketBank website shows that games that will be played in the next couple of days are completely sold out.

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