Tiago Prado and BRZ Insurance Receive Important Award in Insurance.

The renowned "James O. Herrick Jr - Memorial Young Agent of the Year Award" was presented by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agency (MAIA) on the 29th.

The renowned “James O. Herrick Jr – Memorial Young Agent of the Year Award” was presented by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agency (MAIA) on the 29th.

Born in Goiás, entrepreneur Tiago Prado immigrated to the United States with his mother when he was a child. With a degree in economics from Tufts University, Prado ultimately decided to invest in the insurance industry after losing a cousin in a car accident. The tragic incident motivated him to make a difference in the field. “I lost my cousin in an accident and what struck me the most at the time was the unfortunate fact that he didn’t have adequate coverage for his needs. Thus, leaving his daughter without a father and without money. He was another victim to the lack of knowledge,” recalls the businessman.

With a modern and innovative plan to provide an unprecedented level of excellence in customer service, Prado and his partners opened the very first BRZ Insurance office in the center of Framingham, MA in August of 2017. The inauguration drew the attention of both American and Latinx communities due to the structure, layout, and team of exceptionally trained insurance professionals. With the ability to serve customers in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the BRZ team is able to provide personalized service according to every customer’s needs, creating an experience that far exceeds their expectations. “I found lasting fulfillment at the intersection of my passion for financial services while making a significant contribution to my community in the insurance market,” says Prado.

The endeavor resulted in success, earning BRZ the respect, recognition, and trust of their community, which began to expand outside of the Framingham region. In 2019, BRZ opened its second location, this time in the city of Malden, to meet the demand of customers in the Greater Boston area. Satisfied with the results, the entrepreneur discloses the secret of success— “The main ingredient for the success of the immigrant community is optimism. We complement this belief with financial education to better boost our community in a meaningful and practical way.”

Such commitment and dedication to making a difference when it comes to insurance has yielded both success and well-deserved recognition, not only for Tiago and partners Rodolfo Sanz and Eucimar Raposo, but also for the engine behind BRZ— the entire team of qualified professionals who are an integral part of BRZ Insurance’s trajectory.

On October 29, Tiago Prado received the prestigious “James O. Herrick Jr – Memorial Young Agent of the Year Award.” The event is organized annually by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agency (MAIA), in recognition of leading insurance professionals. Aware of the power of teamwork and a passion for excellence in customer service, Prado admits, “I’m very proud of what BRZ has achieved. This award is not mine; it’s actually for our team that works tirelessly, allowing me to do what I do on behalf of our community.”

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