Thousand Oaks Will Be Getting Its Own Their Tooth Implant Pros Marketing Brand

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Traffic Gen Solutions has chosen Thousand Oaks as the next city to open up a Tooth Implant Pros location in, and begin driving qualified traffic to a local implant specialist.

As dental implant specialists today face the challenge of generating a steady stream of new implant cases in an era dominated by technology, one of the primary challenges they face is understanding digital marketing. There is a widespread lack of understanding of how marketing works among dentists, and they are even less adept at understanding digital marketing. Obviously, this does not mean every dentist is terrible at marketing – there are dozens of cases where dentists are utilizing the net to grow their businesses. In reality, only a few dentists have figured out the nuances of digital marketing, and they work with agencies to achieve their goals. These instances involve development of the strategy by the owner and implementation of the strategy by the agency.

The key is to understand there are hundreds of thousands of dentists in the US currently. To have a few dozen internet-savvy dentists handling their marketing, in a sea of dentists who don’t, means there are many many owner/operators out of their depth when it comes to marketing their brand and services.

A large number of dental practices have an online presence. As well as social media platforms, they can also be found on review sites, such as Yelp and Google My Business, for example. Their website is usually their sole marketing tool, with a splashing of marketing on their social sites. It’s this limited use of the internet that makes it hard for them to attract new patients on a regular basis.

As a result, Traffic Gen Solutions created a product that directly spoke to their target audience. They developed this product with the understanding that most implant specialists derive the majority of their income directly from patients. Health insurance policies do not cover many of these services, so people must pay out of pocket. This means the practice sees much more of their money upfront, as opposed to waiting for the health insurance companies to sign off on their funds.

This approach is appropriate for the majority of healthcare professionals, regardless of their field. The value of a service can be identified only if it is relevant to a particular segment of the population. Marketing systems must be developed in situations like that to capitalize on such opportunities.

This is why the Tooth Implant Pros brand was created. The brand speaks directly to people in need of dental implant work. It drives people who have missing teeth, or implant issues, to contact a specialist in their city. Dentists seem to love this service because it delivers a quantifiable result – qualified implant prospects contacting their office for implant work. At the end of the day, this is really what a dental implant specialist wants, according to Traffic Gen Solutions’ Marketing Director, Marcus Roman.

When implant specialists team up with TGS, they are getting a specific service – implant-qualified traffic. That traffic can end up calling, or emailing, the practice. In either case, these contacts become leads, and it is up to the practice to convert these leads into actual booked appointments. And according to Marcus, this is exactly what some implant specialists want.

Once TGS has their implant system in place, and they are regularly driving qualified traffic towards a customer’s practice, they follow up with the customer to determine if they would like a second source of service-specific traffic set up for their practice. This could mean setting up a whole new system, or just adding to the system that is already in place. The customer gets to decide which direction they want to go in at the point.

The residents of Thousand Oaks will begin to see marketing online guiding them towards a dental practice with affordable dental implants, and a local implant specialist will be more than happy to pay for their services, and unload their implant marketing, Unfortunately, TGS can only work with one opractice per city with this system. This is why it takes them several weeks to determine which practice they feel makes the most sense to work with.

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