Thousand Oaks CA Posture Corrective Therapy For Chronic Back Pain Service Update

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Pre-Post, LLC (805-479-6800), a physical fitness center located in Thousand Oaks, California, has updated its posture therapy services to help adults alleviate their chronic pain by correcting their postures naturally.

The Thousand Oaks center’s newly updated posture therapy services are specifically designed for young adults who have developed chronic pain from remaining sedentary at their office jobs or from remote work. Before patients return to a more active lifestyle, it is vital to ensure that their current pain will not lead to any potential injuries.

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Pre-Post, LLC’s recently updated services can aid patients with chronic pain in various areas of the body including the neck, back, hip, knee, and shoulder. The center allows patients to experience this treatment by visiting their location for one-on-one in-person sessions, via Zoom, app, or by attending their Twitch streams which are held 3 times per week.

Research has revealed that sitting for long periods of time on a regular basis can cause muscular and skeletal imbalances. The individual’s skeletal system becomes accustomed to their poor sitting position which typically causes them to develop physical pain and strain. Furthermore, regular incorrect posture can also lower the individual’s energy and cut off healthy blood flow circulation.

Pre-Post, LLC’s posture alignment therapy uses the egoscue method to naturally improve the patient’s skeletal alignment and balance by utilizing their own body weight and gravity. This type of therapy is also beneficial for those who are struggling with limited mobility or simply want to enhance their overall health.

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The center’s therapy sessions can last between 30 minutes to a full hour depending on the patient’s specific needs and concerns. Egoscue training can be done by anyone and although it brings a slight challenge, it will not cause discomfort or additional pain.

Pre-Post, LLC’s egoscue-certified professionals are dedicated to helping their patients eliminate their chronic pain by providing proven posture therapy. They also offer additional services including personal training sessions and corporate wellness programs.

A spokesperson for the center said: “The better your posture is, the better your balance will be, with better posture comes better muscle balance, enabling your body to perform at a higher level with less effort. Once we correct your alignment and you keep up your corrective exercises, you will enjoy long-lasting, even lifetime results.”

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