Thousand Oaks CA Body Massage Center Back Pain Deep Tissue Massage Launched

Rainbow Massage, a Thousand Oaks, CA body massage center, has launched deep tissue massage service for back pain relief. The service expands the center's range of therapeutic massage services for stress reduction and pain mitigation drawn from massage disciplines from around the world.

Thousand Oaks, CA body massage center Rainbow Massage announced the launch of deep tissue massage services for back pain. The massage therapy service provider offers specialized treatments for back pain, stress relief, frozen shoulder, muscle spasms, and other lifestyle-related conditions.

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A research and perspective paper published by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health documents the benefits of massage therapy. The report states that massage therapy helps reduce pain and improve function quicker than medical care in people suffering from chronic lower back pain.

Rainbow Massage full-body massage treatments are available in 30-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions. All massage services are performed by trained therapists with years of experience in several disciplines of massage for the whole body, neck, shoulders, upper & lower back.

The massage center in Ventura County offers therapies to stimulate blood flow, release tension, improve joint mobility, flexibility, skin tone, and deliver natural pain relief. The center recommends targeted and specialized massage therapies such as deep tissue massage for sustained upper & lower pain relief and to improve a client’s overall range of motion.

Rainbow Massage of Thousand Oaks also offers massage therapies from around the world including Chinese massage, Swedish massage, and Thai massage. Pain therapy treatments with skin benefits include hot stone and hot oil massages.

According to a spokesperson for the Westlake Village back massage center, “Rainbow Massage has been at the forefront of advancing body massage therapies to reduce muscle tension, release stress, and improve the quality of life. Our deep tissue massage is designed to deliver sustained, and individualized pain relief.

Rainbow Massage Thousand Oaks is a massage therapy service provider serving the local community in Westlake Village and Greater Los Angeles.

For more information about body massage services and appointments, call 805-815-5335 or visit the URL above.

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