Thorn Birds Of Detroit Crime Mafia Thriller Author Les Cochran New Book Launched

A new book called Sax Club: Thorn Birds of Detroit has been launched by NC author Les Cochran. The book is ideal for anyone that loves reading, in particular books about crime and gangs.

A new book, the first in a new series of books, has been launched called Sax Club, Thorn Birds of Detroit. Les Cochran wrote the historical fiction based in Detroit during the years of 1978-1979, as the first book in a series of books based in the era. The book is ideal for any book lover, especially those into crime thrillers and mafia style books.

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Les Cochran was born in Indiana, and attended over eleven different elementary schools. During high school, Les became class president and graduated salutatorian, winning a total of eleven varsity letters in baseball, basketball and track. As well as this, at Indiana Boy’s State, he was elected state auditor.

Les Cochran was a public educator for over 38 years, and then retired with his wife Lin, moving to North Carolina where they co-authored a book and also wrote various guest opinions for local papers and serving on community boards. Now Les has authored another book, which is to become a series of books as well.

Readers will discover that Sax Club, Thorn Birds of Detroit is a story about a criminal juggernaut who has brought the city to its knees. The Mafia has outwitted and outmaneuvered what is widely known as the nation’s most corrupt police force, making neighborhood gangs rampant, with unethical political officials offering no help.

Readers will discover that the thorn birds are a group of people who are unwilling to succumb to the gangs and criminals, and are based on the real life thorn birds of 1977, and the book follows their story of wreaking havoc with the mafia.

Les Cochran has been an author for years, and also has various other books available. For instance, ‘Blind Pig’, a crime thriller following Detective Clark Philips and his team of police officers and FBI agents. The books are perfect for anyone that loves crime books.

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