Thomas Mitchiner; discussion on the passing of Proposition 118

Thomas Mitchiner operates as an employment attorney who will be able to discuss and answer any questions that the passage of proposition 118 has prompted.

A major change has occurred for the employees and employers of Colorado. In November, Proposition 118 was passed. Proposition 118 will require employers to provide twelve weeks of paid time off to workers for instances of childbirth or other family emergencies. Proposition 118 will be a state response that will go above the federal family and medical leave act from the federal government.

In 1993 the family and medical leave act was passed. FMLA requires employers to protect employees’ jobs and to provide them with unpaid medical leave, in the event of a qualifying medical event occurring. Passed by Bill Clinton, FMLA allows for up to 12 weeks of unpaid time for an employee to care for a new child, care for a seriously ill family member, or recover from a serious illness. Employees have to qualify for this act and employers have to extend the right for an employee to return to their job based on this act. Eight other states have elected to extend benefits at a state level and in November the passing of Proposition 118 allowed Colorado to join alongside these states.

Proposition 118 will require employers to provide twelve weeks of paid time off to employees in the cases of childbirth or other medical emergencies. In 2023, the Colorado department of Labor and Employment will start to collect the money, and paid leave will begin in 2024. The money will be collected through a tax that an employee will pay at .45% of their wages, and an employer will match bringing the total to .90%. An employee would begin contributing to the premium if they earn $2,500 per month, and have worked for an eligible employer for six months.

Questions on how this will affect both employees and employers are expected, and advice from an employment attorney is needed in order to fully understand these changes.

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