This Webinar Helps Successful Women Understand Why You’re Not His #1 Priority

Empowered Womanhood held an informative webinar on Relationships, Dating, and Personal Development and for a limited time, Successful Women can view the webinar for free at

Successful, Powerful Women interested in learning more about the challenges of Relationships and Dating can view an exclusive webinar on How To Become His #1 Priority In 5 Simple Steps for free on the Empowered Womanhood website:

In addition to answering questions about How To Become His #1 Priority, Empowered Womanhood also covered The #1 criteria men use to decide if someone is “long term relationship material” or just good for short-term fling. During the webinar, one of the most surprising facts explored during the Empowered Womanhood presentation was the secret to touching his heart and making him drop his guard instantly. Together, love coaches Luba Evans and Izabella Cohen reveal how a high quality man chooses a long-term partner or wife.

The full agenda of this informative webinar also includes:

How To Activate His Chasing Instinct – This is something all Russian women know, it’s their sure-fire method to ignite his deepest desire and devotion without effort, manipulation or changing yourself. Following the presentation, Women are invited to a free strategizing call with one of the top love coaches at Empowered Womanhood.

This webinar (Magnetic Woman Mastermind) is for successful, powerful women who are ready to manifest the relationship of their dreams. Luba Evans, world renown love coach, has developed a revolutionary approach that incorporates hypnosis, meditation, body practice, and more in her live/online hybrid program MAGNETIC WOMAN MASTERMIND. The program combines an in person luxury transformational retreat with a state of the art 12 week online program with group and personal coaching from Luba Evans.

60 minutes is all that is needed to learn about the 5 Key Steps of the Magnetic Woman Mastermind Program AND the life changing method to manifesting a high quality long term partner in just 6 weeks.

For more information and to register for free access to the full video, interested Successful and Powerful Women can visit the website at

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