Sam Chimes Productions announced the latest Ambient Music album from Sam Chimes entitled 5 Days of Christmas available Patreon on December 6th, 2020.

VANCOUVER, CANADA — For Ambient Music fans looking to get their hands on the latest Sam Chimes’ album, the wait is over. Sam Chimes Productions has released three albums over the past three weeks, all part of a collection of five albums called ‘5 Days of Christmas’ to be all made available in December 2020. The 3rd Day of Christmas released last Sun. Dec. 6th.

Sam Chimes is a Producer, Street Performer, and DJ. He raps, sings, and makes beats. Though based in Vancouver, Canada, Sam wouldn’t let any boundaries limit his reach with his music. A song written, produced, and recorded within the span of 24 hours in Paris, France. “In My Chill” is only a piece of the music. “When our mind gets to a “chill” or relaxed vibration, it opens up to the creative awareness of opportunities and possibilities that can positively impact aspects of our lives.” Sam says.

Most recently through the pandemic, Sam has been releasing albums and performing live for the public. For him, there are no limitations. So this Christmas, Sam really went all out with developing a 5 album collection, ‘5 Days of Christmas’. The collection featuring chill sounds and vibes for the season and beyond. Sam only released the ‘3rd Day of Christmas’ and previous releases on Patreon for now, and he will release two more leading up to Christmas. The albums have been exclusively on Patreon, to encourage support for a platform Sam has discovered to be a solution provider for artists in this age.

However, on Boxing Day, 2020, Sam will make the entire collection available on other streaming platforms and DSP’s. In the meantime, as we usher in a Christmas of a lifetime, you can count on the sounds of Chimes to chill you out with ease and grace.

Check of ‘3rd Day of Christmas’ on YouTube Here

Full details and links to buy the album can be found on the artist’s fan page,

Some of the most popular albums on the collection include:

1st Day of Christmas

2nd Day of Christmas

3rd Day of Christmas released last week Sun.

Sam Chimes has high hopes for the success of this album and we call it ‘Easy Listening’

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Release ID: 88988962