This May Help Prevent Myopia in Kids, Announced Eyecare Sydney Optometrists

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Eyecare Kids Sydney optometrists announced that according to research, spending more time outdoors can help to prevent myopia in kids. The Children’s optometrists offer a full range of eyecare solutions and are known for their comprehensive eye tests, wide range of spectacles and quality service.

Eyecare Kids, the Hillsdale based children’s optometrist with special interest in eye care for kids throughout Sydney, has announced that spending more time outdoors could help to prevent myopia in kids. Myopia is on the rise across the world, thanks to a range of genetic and environmental factors. Combating the disease is of utmost importance.

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Myopia is a condition where the subject can’t see far away, but can see up close without glasses or contact lenses. When it comes to myopia in children, the team at Eyecare Kids explains that the eye is growing, but growing too long for distant rays of light to focus accurately.

However, spending more time outdoors and exercising regularly has been linked to combating myopia. One theory is that the exercise is somehow protective, while another is that the brighter light outside stimulates a dopamine release from certain cells in the retina.

This could then help to develop a more normal, slower growth of the eye and reduces the risk of myopia. The latest research shows that this light exposure plays a large role, and it’s not simply time spent away from electronic devices that achieves the results.

The team at Eyecare Kids cares passionately about eyesight and helping children to grow up with good vision. They are highly trained eyecare professionals who offer a full range of optometrist services at six different locations throughout Sydney in Hillsdale, Bankstown, Broadway, Chullora, Kareela and Roselands.

Eyecare Kids states: “Our comprehensive eye tests and state-of-the-art equipment help us detect childhood vision problems not normally caught by a school vision screen. Our experienced behavioural optometrists are sensitive to catch vision problems—including the ones your child may not be telling you about.”

With one in five children suffering from a vision problem, it’s important to arrange regular checks with an eyecare professional. This is where Eyecare Kids can help, with services tailored to fit the needs of each child.

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